Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, I know you've been waiting! And I won't prolong the suspense any longer! LOL First of all, for those of you who have not visited my blog before, I posted a few pics of my dissaster of a craft room on a few posts below. I promised to post some after pics so you can all see the amazing transformation. I have worked myself ragged these last couple of weeks trying to get my craft room organized AND at the same time try to create and post new items for my new website AND get my house back into order after taking down my Christmas decorations. So, this has been no easy task...especially at my speed! And while it's actually been finished a few days and my pictures taken, I wanted to wait a few days to post this because I had a more important post on here, just below.
So, for those of you who need a little encouragement, for those of you who feel buried in the clutter...there IS hope. Believe me....if I can do it so can YOU!

This is where the bed use to be. It is now my main craft area. David hung me some shelves and a peg board. I brought in from my garage all my goodies I've picked up from antique shops, thrift stores and yard sales. Notice I STILL have room on that top shelf to do MORE shopping!!

In the corner I have my cutting table. That big wood bowl is FULL of tucks I've made that need to be made into gatherings, hangings, etc. The bowl can be moved to give me plenty of room for my cutting board laying on top. So no more using the kitchen table for that!

The bed has been moved to under the window. Underneath is great storage for some of my supplies, as well as a large, shallow bin in which I keep some of my listed items I've made. Notice the pink round bed on top. That's for my kitty cat, Trixie, who has found this whole ordeal quite interesting. She joins me in there whenever I'm working.

And this is my sewing and painting area. That's an old tri-fold chicken wire divider that I use to use in my craft shows. Makes for great, easy access to painting supplies and whatnots! And the corner cabinet stores some of my frequently used fabrics. I still need to get in there and organize my fabrics and I have a couple of boxes of fabrics I need to go through and put on the shelves in my closet. My closet is lined with shelves stacked with my bins full of various supplies.

So, that's it! I must admit that I have since been crafting in there and it no longer looks like this. But then, it IS my work room and work is what I do in there. I'm trying my best to put things away each night, and I've vowed to vacuum in there at least once a week. Thanks for joining me in this journey of "The Craft Room of No Return"!

Oh, and below is my partner in crafts and crime ~~~



  1. Thanks for leaving me a bed...but I'm kicking the cat out whenever I come home.

  2. I will have you know that I so enjoy your blog, and have come to realize that we "know" each other! Well, not really, but I feel like I could be you, when I read your posts! I also just finished reading other posts, and your list making, and reminiscing(?) has waxed nostalgic for WHEN you could feed a family on just ONE BOX of Hamburger Helper, and when colors of Mauve & Blue made a bile-like taste at the back of my throat from those early crafting days! I suppose we are about the same age??? We MUST correspond! I STILL handwrite my lists, AND in Fountain Pen, and I keep a WRITTEN JOURNAL in Fountain Pen...LOL! Now if ONLY I could get my craft room cleaned like yours! Keep up with me, and someday, really soon, I will post to my OWN blog and get that updated with all my doings...Oh, and as for YOUR Christmas Tree being up till the 19th??? Well, mine IS STILL UP and that is because we just had our Christmas on that SAME weekend, and an Open House for my Prim Chicks fell thru on the following Monday, so NOW I have to take all of this down! Sad, but not sorry to see it go! I can't wait to get THAT out of my way so I can concentrate on the Craft Room and get to Crafting!
    Thank you for opening your "life" to all of us!

  3. My first visit to your blog and I love it! You did a fabulous job of organizing your craft space! I loved the before shots! My space gets pretty bad, but I have been trying to get it organized for a couple of weeks now. I wasn't brave enough to take any before pictures. Hopefully, I'll be done with mine soon!


  4. Hi Annie!

    Love your website! I also have a cat named Zion. He's all black and loves to hang from the screen on my front window. (His way of letting me know he wants to come in). I've actually had people stop while driving by to watch him. He has his very own unique personality. Best of luck!!


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