Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just Another Boring Week!

I often wonder how people can post almost daily and in such an interesting manner. What is it about their lives that's so fascinating? Are they prone to adversity? Do situations follow them endlessly? Or is it they can find humor or even drama in the simplest circumstances?

I don't know...maybe I should be thankful for my boring life! I live in an even keel little world and I guess I like it that way. Oh...if I had been blogging a few years ago I could have written about how while patiently waiting in the exam room for my doctor an SUV came barrelling through the window, missing me by a couple of feet. Or how my three-year old climbed on his tricycle while we were having a yard sale and pedaled his way three blocks to the main highway before we discovered he was even gone! We had the whole neighborhood looking for him to no avail. Finally a frantic call to 911 revealed his location when the wonderful couple who found him called in simultaneously! I've had a hard time letting him out of my sight ever since...and he's now 12!

But now that I'm an official blogger nothing interesting seems to happen to me anymore. At least nothing that I think you may find interesting. Ho simple, boring life! LOVE IT!

I managed to get a couple of my "Trash-to-Treasure" pieces completed. The third one should be finished in a day or so. My husband has promised to help me clean house I'm definitely going to take him up on it. So the third project will have to wait!

We're off first to our Saturday morning breakfast. We started this ritual a couple of years ago. We try to find a new place each week to try out, sometimes travelling miles to nearby towns. I guess it's our time together and often the ride back home will include stops at antique shops or thrift stores. This morning we are headed to our "old faithful", a mom & pop type diner here in town that serves the best steak and eggs! That way we can get back quick to get to work.

Anyway...back to my pieces. So here's what I had to work with -- a large white pitcher, an old,worn bear and a worn piece of quilted linen.
Looks like a bear theme going on below. Not really,though. Just happened that way. The first is my USA bear hangin'. I took the old stuffed bear and rubbed him well in cinnamon. I've tied him to an old flat cheese grater and added a little bouquet of sweet annie and red, white and blue pip berries. He is "holding" a rusty heart in his palm and has a little prim tag attached to his ear that reads "U.S.A." This bear will be posted on my web site later today. Once posted I will link his picture there.

(Click photo for details)

The second T-T-T is from the quilted linen piece. This is my "Lumpy Bear". I made this old fashion, antique looking bear and stuffed him with scrap muslin to give him an old lumpy feel. He was stained with a very fragrant mix and has an old worn look. And he smells SO yummy. He has button eyes and a stitched nose and wears a sweet little cheese cloth bow around his neck. This piece, too, will be listed on my web site later today.

(Click photo for details)

So, you'll have to make sure to check back to see what I've done with the white pitcher and to see what I will be using for next week's "Trash-To-Treasure"! Have a great week everyone! Thanks for dropping by today! ~~Annie


  1. And soooo she's done it again!

    Nice work, Annie...and oh! I almost forgot! Wow on that so called BORING LIFE you lead now! But given those FEW incidents in your past, I would think you have been "granted" a reprieve from an overly exciting life! I think I would be ever so happy with a boring life! LOL!

  2. You know I kinda agree with you ... I am amazed how people do write some amazing things everyday...I think the "boring" life is the good one .... it builds character in us to beable to look back and say I am leading the "normal life". Like the idea of trying something new each week for breakfast! It is inexpensive and a nice way to meet some new people in neighboring towns. I am glad to have found you and hope you make your way to my blog ... I am totally new to this blog thing! I like the looks of yours! Hope your having a blessful day!

  3. Thank you so much, Bobbie! So glad you found my blog and I will definitely go look you up. I LOVE making new friends here! ~~Annie


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