Friday, April 3, 2009


Still a little wet from her bath!

Now that I've quit my crying of happy tears, I think I can maybe see clearly enough to get on here and give you my fantastic news! Yes, yes, yes! Trixie Girl came home tonight!

We had such a hectic afternoon once my hubby got home from work. My car was in the shop today so I had to wait till he got home to get a few things done. Had to mail a couple of orders out, take my son to pick up his paycheck and then pick up my car before they closed at 7:00. Had planned to make baked spaghetti for dinner tonight, but with all the running around we had to do, we ended up going out to get dinner instead. It was when we were driving up from going to dinner when I spotted her at the corner of the fence gate beside our house!

SIX days she was gone! And since I first realized on Monday she was nowhere in my house, I have driven all over this neighborhood looking ... on front porches, under bushes, in trees ... everywhere. I would always LOOK no matter where I was driving, hoping to see that patch of white. My back porch light was left on each night and the blinds pulled up on my deck door...just in case she came up to the door. And everynight, the last thing I would do before going up to bed was open the front door ... to give a little call and to see if maybe she was out there! And tonight as I drove past the front of the house to turn into our driveway, I looked, as I always did, down the side of my house. And I saw that patch of white! (Although it was dark out, there is a street light in front of our house that lights up our front yard a bit.) I immediately stopped and backed up to make sure of what I saw. I left the car running in the middle of the road, jumped out with my hubby and son still sitting there and slowly walked up to my front porch. She had run under our broken fence gate that is propped up against the house and was afraid to come out. (A place I had checked under every day, to no avail.) But after a little coaxing, she finally eased her way out to where I could pick her up.

I think she is very glad to be home. She picked a terrible week to run away, having either snowed, hailed or rained every day! This afternoon it finally dried up a bit and I think she just decided to come out from wherever she had been hiding all week! She's a little thinner and was a little matted. But she's had a nice bath and a bowlful of food. She's still a little skittish, but I KNOW she's happy to be home!

And so with that behind me, I just want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, concerns, well wishes, and kind, kind words! Trixie's come home! Oh, there's no place like home! ~~Annie

After her bath and dinner I found her snoozing in one of her favorite spots in my son's closet! So I had to click this picture!

And of course she's immediately like "Can't a girl get some much needed sleep around here?"

And then quickly went back to her snoozing! Sleep tight, Trixie Girl! Welcome home!


  1. Oh Annie I am so glad your Trixie Girl is back home...I could just picture you running to get her...
    Now ground her and tell her never to scare us all again like that
    No just give a big hug from her blog friends...
    Have a great weekend..
    Prim Blessings...

  2. Annie,

    I am so glad Trixie made home!!! I have checked your blog everyday to see if there was any news and i so so glad she is finally home safe and sound.


  3. I'm so happy for you all, and especially for your Trixie, that she came home safely!!
    My heart is rejoicing for all of you!
    Now if our little Adventure could just get the miracle we're hoping for.
    Hugs to you, Annie~ Birgit

  4. Thank you SO much ladies for all your kind words! She slept right beside me the whole night! Before, she would only sleep down by my feet. Woke up early this morning with her licking my face! LOL! She is DEFINITELY happy to be home! ~~Annie

  5. I am so glad that the kitty has returned! I hope that she does not get out again ... maybe she learned her lesson! Lets hope for a great week! .... The pics of the town look great ... I love small towns too!! Especially when the weather is nice just to take it all in! It is snowing again her in the midwest!!! When is spring coming??? Anyway glad to know all is safe and sound!


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