Saturday, June 13, 2009


So sorry for the wait, ladies! But today is Saturday and hubby and I SO enjoy our Saturday morning breakfast. We're always looking for somewhere new to try, and since we've been just about everywhere within a 20 mile radius of here, today we decided to drive a little further! So we drove up north to the little town of Goldbar, WA, which is about 40 miles from here! We actually stopped in Sulton to have breakfast at a wonderful little bakery and diner. I had the most scrumptious chocolate decadence muffin along with a delicious breakfast sandwich using their own baked bread. We then drove on to Goldbar to check out a couple of hiking spots I plan to take the kids to once school is out for my youngest and once my daughter gets home from college. We're so late getting out of school out here...Katie finished up her classes at college this past week and will be home tomorrow. Justin doesn't get out of middle school until Monday, the 22nd! Should have been next Friday, but having to make up a snow day. But at least school doesn't start back until after Labor Day, and Katie's classes don't start until late September!

Anyway, I found THE best antique/junk/rust shop I've come across so far up in Goldbar! But more on that place later. It'll have to wait till another post, for now I must get on to more important things. We just got back about an hour ago and I got all the names printed out. I had my son cut and fold all the names. This is Justin...disregard the hair -- we're defintely headed to the barber! LOL!

When he drew the name and showed it to me my first response was a huge LAUGH and a big "OH MY GOSH!" Justin was like "what's the matter". So I explained to him that I "know" this lady (even though I've never met her in person) and that she lives here in Washington across the sound from us! Soooooo with that done...the winner of my Summer Sunflower giveaway is:

Congratulations, Gina! My son said he loved the name he drew since he's partial to cats! LOL I will be contacting you for your address! Or better yet...why don't you just hop a ferry over here and pick it up! LOL!

This has been the most wonderful experience and I want to thank everyone who left a comment and/or started following me! It has allowed me to find some great new blogs to follow myself, and I've even met a couple of new "friends". I may just have to make this a regular event!

I will be back in a couple of days to show you this wonderful place I found! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! ~~Annie


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I can't believe I won!!! Give that Kid of yours a great big squeeze for me!!! and tell him thank you for the complement on my name..I would love to hop a ferry and come and see you...Seriously..lets pick a day soon and lets go can take me to all of your favorite haunts....that would be fun...or you could come this way and try something different..just let me know..Okay i must go blog now that I just updated my have to see what I just made...Harley would love it..:)

  2. DArn! And here I was hoping to win. Congrats to CatNapInn lucky lady for sure.


  3. Congratulations to Gina! Although I think I should have won and I'll bet your son would agree...I have seven cats! LOL

  4. Well I am glad that I won cause I too have 7 cats...:) hence the name..Cat Nap Inn Primitives..:)

  5. CONGRATS to Gina! :)
    Wonderful giveaway, Annie!
    Thanks for having it!

    have a happy day!

  6. Congrat Gina! You won a wonderful givaway! I was hoping but maybe next time...:)

  7. Congrats to the winner. Hope you all have a blessed day. Janice, Amy lynn's Creations

  8. Congrats to Gina!! I hope she does hop the fery so we can see you guys meet up! What fun!!

  9. Congratulations to your winner! Poor old George should give it up soon, but I still like "He Stopped Loving Her Today". Can't wait to see more pictures on your blog, Dawn


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