Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The NEVER ENDING Kitchen Remodel!

As many of my on line friends know, I have been remodeling my kitchen since before last Thanksgiving! Still not complete, but slowly getting there. But I must confess now that it has actually been longer than that -- more like over two years now! We first started in spring of 2007 by replacing our white laminate counter tops with granite. Soon after we replaced our white appliances with stainless steel. And then it all STOPPED! However, when we installed our granite I decided not to get the little back splash piece that runs along the wall because I wanted a tile back splash that went from counter top to cabinet. SO...for two years now I've lived with walls of two colors...contractor beige from where the laminate back splash once was, and sage green from where I had painted the walls after we moved in.

But that has all changed! I've painted the walls a nice buttery cream, had my friend's husband, who is a contractor, install under- and over-cabinet lighting and had him install my granite tile back splash! He also installed some cabinet molding to "spice" up my cabinets, as well as crown molding in my kitchen and family room.

But before I give you a sneak peek, I must explain................!

No...my kitchen is not decorated in the prim style! Not even in a country style. I went with a total modern redo! It's nothing like the rest of my house, with my antiques and old quilts scattered about. But there IS a reason!

We don't plan to live here TOO much longer, six years at the most. While I like my home, I know this is not where I want to live forever. I need more space (land), I need ONE level and I need to get out of the city! With that said, I'm remodeling in a way that would make it easier to resell. We live near Seattle, and there are a lot of young urban families that live around here. This area really is not conducive to the "primitive" style, if you know what I mean. And THAT'S why I've gone the route I did! But, you know what? I REALLY like the look! So here's a sneak peak!

The cabinets were SO plain, so I had that simple piece of molding installed on both the bottom and top of the cabinet. I changed out the old brass handles and went with this sleeker look that goes well with the appliances. I still have to put everything back on the cabinet tops, as well as the counter tops. And my curtains need to go up. So once I FINALLY get it all together I'll show you the WHOLE kitchen. Until then, you can probably imagine the mess in the REST of the kitchen! LOL! Stay tuned....! ~~Annie


  1. The kitchen is always the hardest, it was the first thing I did after we moved in. It does look really good....and you know it can have any look you want depending on the acessories added....which is great for selling! Beth

  2. Oh how pretty! So clean and sleek!

  3. It's looks wonderful! Aren't kitchens the worst reno ever??!
    ...we are still pluggin away...with our kitchen reno! It's the worst room to remodel, the one room seems to disrupt the entire home (I think). and its takin FOREVER to complete!
    They say you are wise not to reno a room to suit your own fancy, if you don't plan to stay! It's harder to sell...so you did the right thing, I think it looks gorgeous! :)
    And it's a kitchen that will appeal to anyone/EVERYONE! ;) ...and like Beth said, you can still make it prim with gatherings and some decor. Great Job!

    have a wonderful week.

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous...the kitchen looks lovely. You can get some "prim" stuff and prim it up. Remember accessorize! That's the key.

    We have gutted our kitchen and progress is at a standstill...I so hate renovations and hope that when mine is complete it will look as good as yours.


  5. Love your new kitchen Annie! My kitchen actually has original cabinets, counters etc. They're really old but I like them that way. The only thing I might do down the road is paint them. I also hate my countertops. They're like marble swirl laminate. Yuck!! Not primitive looking at all. I do plan on staying in my house for quite a while so I'm sure at some point I will be replacing them. Right now I've been redoing my bedroom. Betsy Ross House brown with white trim. I love it! Take care Annie and I'll be updating my blog soon! Stop by for a visit!

  6. Your kitchen looks so good! I think you made a really smart choice doing it the way you are if you're not planning on staying. It will appeal to lots of buyers with different tastes. You're doing a great job!
    I can't believe all the posts about people who are in the process of remodeling. I'll just be glad when we get our house finished! By the time we get it done, it will probably be in need of a renovation. LOL!
    I can't wait to see more pictures!
    Blessings~ Birgit

  7. I love the colors and especially the countertop. Wow, it's neat.
    Your last post with Harley is so cute. It looks like he was just trying to help out a little.

  8. Hey Annie,
    I love it!!!I can totally understand whey you are doing what you are doing..but you know it works and I love it...can't wait to see all your goodies in the kitchen and see more photos...great job..:)how about some photos of all of your house..I love seeing how others decorate...where do you think you will move in 6 years?we have thought the same thing too..like new mexico and one level..getting older..harder to climb those stairs..and we want some place a bit warmer..our joints like it better..:)

  9. Annie, I like the sneak peak. Can't wait for the rest of the story....*Sherie*

  10. Annie...it's absolutely beautiful! But I wouldn't want to do it myself...I can't deal with people in my kitchen as it is...lol

  11. If you are planning to sell then yo did the right thing, and you can prim that up with all kinds of "stuff", I am sure you have some cool stuff to do it with. Sure looks nice and clean, and I LIKE it!

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