Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They Made it Through to VEGAS!!!

Oh my gosh!!! I am SO excited! Our neighbors were on America's Got Talent tonight and they are on their way to Las Vegas!! If you were watching the show you may remember the second hour when they got to the weird and wacky folks from Seattle! WOW! I KNEW we had some weirdos around here, BUT.....!

Anyway...once they got past those first few weirdos, the group called The EriAm Sisters came on. They were the three young girls who sang "I Want You Back". They did a fantastic job and made it through to Vegas! The youngest sister, Haben (that's her in the middle), is my son's friend. They have gone to school together since kindergarten. The first time I heard Haben sing was two year's ago at our elementary school talent show. My son, Justin, was also in the school show playing the electric guitar (he's pretty talented, too, if I do say so myself! LOL) Anyway...they saved her for last and when I heard her sing it sent chills through me. She was only 9 at the time! She's also appeared on Maury Pouvich's Talented Kids show.

They are such a close knit family and always full of smiles. The parents are the sweetest people! And I LOVE their names...Tiblets and Mulu! They showed them holding each other during the performance. They were so cute! I stopped by there earlier tonight to pick up some tickets for a performance the girls are doing at our high school's Performing Arts Center this Friday. They're performing at a benefit to support Communities in Schools, an organization I have supported heavily since my days on the PTA at my son's elementary school. I'm SO glad I stopped when I did, because they had a houseful of people there, getting ready to watch the show. Mulu reminded me the girls were on the show tonight. I would have totally missed it had I not stopped, for I had completely forgotten the show was even on tonight. I knew they had tried out for the show, but they never would say whether they made it through and I never asked. So it was quite exciting to learn the outcome!

Anyway...I know they have a tough road ahead of them, because I saw some great talent on there. But no matter the final outcome, these young ladies have an amazing future ahead of them! Go EriAm Sisters! ~~Annie


  1. Congratulations to your friends!! Hope they go far, Dawn

  2. OMgosh!! How cool!!! Hope they make it!!! How awesome is that hehehe Your neighbors :)

  3. I saw the show and they were fantastic! I wish them lots of luck!

  4. How nice. I am sure you know they made it all the way to the semi finals and they will perform Tuesday sept 8th. We will all be voting for them with every phone we have 10 times each and online:-)



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