Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ho! Hum!

Yep! It's been that kind of week! My out of town guests left on Sunday as did my husband. He flew out to Charlotte for the whole week to work on a project at the airport there. So, with Katie at school, it's just me and the boys. I enjoy a break from hubby every now and then. And since these last few weeks have been filled with cleaning, painting, cleaning, remodeling, get the drift...I've spent the last couple of days doing absolutely NOTHING!

I had thought about taking Sean and Justin and doing a little camping this week. But think I'll wait till hubby gets back so he can be here to take care of the cats. Can you imagine leaving Harley--not to mention Trixie--alone in this house...even for a couple of days! The little rascal would have this house turned upside down! LOL!

I DID work in my craft room today. It's the only room that didn't get cleaned before guests arrived. I had managed to clear a path to the bed and take off all my fabrics I had stacked on the bed, since that's where Justin slept last week. He was given specific instructions, though, to keep that door SHUT at all times! LOL! Hey...had to have ONE room to throw all the junk into! But it's clean now and ready for business!

So now I must get back to sewing. I've got tons of ideas and tons of supplies! And all that's missing is the energy and motivation! But the fall season is just around the corner and I need to get busy stocking my website. So if anyone out there has a little energy to spare, please send it my way! I'd be mighty grateful! ~~Annie


  1. Don't you just love to have a few days to do what you want??? There's nothing better than to have a couple days alone to just putz! Have a nice week, Dawn

  2. Oh how I long for just a day like that...with
    my DH on disability now
    I don't ever get one...
    enjoy your little break
    can't wait to see all the fall stuff you come up with I know it will be awesome as always...

  3. Annie,

    Enjoy your quiet time. Sort of the calm before the storm, huh? Or maybe that should be the calm after the storm? LOL!

    Take some time to relax and rejuvenate!


  4. Ive got the energy and the ideas but low in supplies, Ill trade ya....haha! :)

    I have that same BLUE candle holder (in your pic) I found 2 of them at my local GW a few months back.

    Hoping you find your energy soon!

  5. Oh hon - how fun is that..time to do whatever!! My DH is off for three weeks of Guard duty down South - Boise and I am at a loss - what ever will I do?? I'm sure I will find something..Have a great week, Sarah

  6. Oh, love the picture at the top of yr post! I am so ready for autumn. Keep resting, yr energy musthave been depleted by the guests, might take a bit to get back up to a good crafting level!

  7. Annie,
    I know how hard you have been working. Take some time and enjoy!! If you do get some of that energy send me some please!! LOL

  8. Hi Annie,
    I've been getting ready for fall shows will be here before I know it!! I have so many ideas running through my head it hurts. LOL...
    Enjoy these days of quiet time and have fun doing whatever you want!! A little break from crafting might just give you lots of energy for when it is time to go back to making all your wonderful goodies.

  9. Hi Annie,
    Enjoy your quiet time and get re-energized. Sometimes a slower pace is just what we need and you've been a busy, busy gal.
    Glad to see you're gearing up for fall already. I'm still waiting for summer to arrive here in Maine. :)
    Hugs~ Birgit

  10. I wish i could have a day like that!

  11. You have an entertaining blog. I enjoyed my visit :O)
    I laughed at your cat in the sink and thought it was interesting in the Catch Fish booth. And are those really colorful peppers? I've never seen such a thing! Cool!


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