Saturday, August 8, 2009

Serene Saturday

It has been a busy, busy couple of weeks and today was no different. Orders to complete, chores to do, meals to cook! But I decided to take a little break from the inside of my house and take it out!

As I sat in my lounge chair in the corner of my deck, it became very apparent what I'd been missing all summer. The serenity of my back yard...the beauty of nature...the fluttering of the hummingbirds. I couldn't help but laugh at Harley as he swatted at a bee, hoping the bee would understand he meant no harm. As I sat there with ornies in hand, stuffing bats and cats and spiders, I began to listen to the sounds. I heard the occasional crow, angry to see Trixie lying out in the yard. I heard the shrill call of a large hawk hovering overhead. Did he see my little Harley playing next to me? I even heard the soft rattle of the hummingbird's wings as she fluttered at the flower basket hanging beside me. I couldn't believe all this was happening before my ears and eyes. Interrupted only by the faint sound of a lawn mower or the occasional slam of a car door. I had to force myself to hear the unwelcoming sound of a distant airplane and even the siren of a police car.

The hot days of summer we had last week are long gone, replaced with overcast skies and temperatures of a mid autumn day. I am contemplating grabbing a blanket as I sit here. I look around and realize that life is so beautiful. The changing of the seasons is beautiful and it won't be long before these bright reds and purples and greens will fade away to shades of orange and brown and gray. So I must enjoy these beautiful flowers, the beautiful bright green leaves, while they are still here. For soon they will give way to an even lovelier sight! The beauty of autumn! But that's life...this wonderful life and the beauty of the changing seasons! And I thank God everyday that I am surrounded by this miracle! ~~Annie


  1. Annie,
    I loved your post today! Your yard is very beautiful and inviting.
    Makes me want to come visit and sit for a spell and just enjoyed the beauty of mother nature with you.

  2. Hi Annie,
    You do have a beautiful back yard. You are so right we should enjoy the beauty of summer but I find myself more and more thinking of autumn. They are predicting temps of 95 to 99 here over the next few days so I'll be spending those days inside trying to stay cool. I really enjoyed your post. Your impatiens are so pretty, mine were early in spring and summer but now they are becoming leggy and a little wilted from the heat so I've trimmed them back. The plants are looking better but not blooming yet. Thank you for sharing you lovely summer afternoon with us.
    Take Care,

  3. Your yard looks so peaceful and relaxing and the flowers are beautiful! Nothing better than sitting outside resting with ornies in hand. lol!!!

  4. I loved your post today..I love days like you is cold outside today..had a blanket and a kitty on my lap this morning...feels like fall out there...but we still have so much garden that needs to produce and some sunflowers too..but what a huge change from last week...feels really nice.:)

  5. Annie~
    Your backyard is beautiful! Almost makes me wish I had one lol. I am loving our change in weather! I feel like I'm able to work on so many more projects without the HOT sun making me so cranky. I know...i'm a bit strange lol! I'm glad you were able to find some peace and serenity in this beautiful saturday!

  6. What a lovely place to meditate (damn noises, LOL!)! Beth

  7. Well said!! As much as I whine and tease about the heat of summer, I do love my flowers (the ones that the rain hasn't turned to mold and slime this year) and I do enjoy the lush greenery and the sounds of summer. And then I REALLY enjoy what come after it - even the snow!

  8. love your patio...looks wonderful

  9. I need to do that too, thanks for posting this...I just need to take the time to appreciate summer before it is gone.


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