Saturday, October 24, 2009


Okay, all you wonderful cat ladies out there (and you know who you are!) LOL! What is the significance with the number eight and cats? Between my blog friends and my various group friends, I have now met SIX people who (at the time I met them) have eight cats! Not seven, not nine....eight! LOL! They may have more or less by now, but I distinctly remember that number! Now tell me...if those kitties are indoor cats, how many litter boxes do you all have? And how many times A DAY do you have to change them! Ha! Do they each have their own food dish? Or one communal bowl? One LARGE water dish...several small ones? Do they all eat the same food? Or soft food for some and hard for others. LOL! I just can't imagine! Oh, I'd LOVE to have eight little furry friends hanging out here and there, but I recently got my second kitty...first time EVER having more than one at one time. And poor hubby rolled his eyes THEN! Don't get me wrong...he really likes my Harley Boy, and he "tolerates" Trixie Girl, but he's more the dog type. Anyway....was just wondering what it's like!

Wanted to share this photo of Trixie at the kitchen window! This is how she tells me when she wants IN! Scary looking, isn't she! LOL!

Lazy cat! She loves laying up on the computer desk next to Justin! Not too scary looking in this pic! :)

And the latest with Harley...he now attacks my printer. I have it on the floor by my chair and as soon as I put a box on the scale beside it to weigh he comes running. He knows I'm getting ready to print something and he eagerly waits. I now have to hold him back, but every now and then I'll print something just for him. He waits to attack, grabs the paper and walks around with it in his mouth, not letting anyone have it. That's his "catch" and he looks for a place to hide it! Silly boy!

That's my big box of ornies he's next to. As long as he doesn't hide it in there, he's fine! Hey...I make six different cat ornies, and I have two kitties.....THAT adds up to eight! LOL!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic fall! It's going by WAY too fast! Winter is now in the air! So enjoy it while you can! ~~Annie


  1. What I wouldn't give to have JUST 8 cats. Last week, I had 8 outside cats and 4 inside cats (and two large dogs). However, last week we lost two of our outside cats. One just disappeared and the other was hit by a car. So now we are down to 10 cats total.

    Our 4 inside cats have one large communal cat feeder and their very own cat box (4 of them in an unused closet with a cute little kitty door). I have turned into the neighborhood cat lady! LOL!

  2. Well Annie,
    Heres how I doit. Everyone has their own litter box. Of course they all use the same one or two but they each must have their own. I used to spend tons of money on cat beds and fancy cat stuff that they never cared much for until I bought an old crib at a yard sale. Now they each have their own infant bouncy seats, cradles the crib and lots of flashiing infant musical toys. I pick these up for just a few bucks, crib sheets and bankies(blankets) get changed and washed twice a week, it takes minutes Litter boxes scooped dailey but it doesn't take long to do that. They are happy and spoiled and love the baby beds and toys. I'll have to post some pictures sometime. They are a hoot! And thank you for asking I love my furbabies I do like to talk about them. I love that Harley; both of your babies are just so cute.

  3. Your kitties are TOOOO cute! I only have one coonie, but since he's 20 pounds, he counds as 2. LOL. I love the kittie who loves the printer paper -- that's tooo funny! Both look like sweeties.

  4. No cats here Annie, so I am no help at all. Unless you want to count all the fuzzy cute stuff ones that Erika collects. More then 8 there!!

  5. My two cause enough trouble;)
    Your kitties are just too cute, between the window faces and stealing paper, I am sure they keep you busy with their antics.


  6. I don't know if you know how exceptional Harley is. I've rescued a lot of cats in my day -- over 135 -- and he's really, really unique!!! My all-time high for permanent resident kitties was 28. No, not a typo. I have 4 now. We use a system of folding doors in the halls and rooms to keep some of the kitties separated from others, as we have one totally awful kitty and one very shy kitty. I use cardboard boxes, just the lids and shallow ones, for them to play and sleep in, and my husband built several lattice-sided outdoor rooms for them to play in and sleep in sometimes.

  7. Oh Annie....I just love the look on your cat's face when she wants in...that is just so cute!!! LOL! My 2 have their own separate food dishes but they each go to the other's...same food in both! And then I only have 1 litter box, it's one of those big sterlite containers. I have to change it about every 3 days..clean it I mean.

  8. Love your kittys! I don't have any at home as I have 2 house rabbits, but we have 2 that live at the animal hospital where I work and they are something!!! Love the look you get when the one outside wants in;)

  9. your Harley is so flipping funny and a little maniac..our cats love the printer too when it was closer to the floor..they love to watch it they could care less..
    Okay on with your questions..we had 8 till this last march and there were 5 in the house now 4..there are 3 that live outdoors cause we have one indoor that makes the outdoors lives miserable..they have one communial bowl and one water bowl..(for the dog too)..they do have seperate dishes when they get the occasional wet food treat..the out door cats have the same..we have 1 litter box in the house and one in the garage..I clean the indoor one in the morning and at night..I sweep about 5-7 times aday depending on how active they are as it is right off the kitchen and I don't want to be stepping in cat litter...the dog eats his dinner in the living room..cause if left unattended he will eat the dry kitty do I have food in my upstairs craft room..yes!! cause my kittys like to be with their mama and eat in my craftroom...some prefer it, one does not..she likes to eat down stairs..she is just that way..any way..I love your newest Harley has someone he can kick the crap out of..:)have a great rest of your day..:)

  10. You have a couple of cuties! I love cats and have had many in my life. Right now we have three. Two black ones we adopted and an 11 yr old Maine Coon I've had since he was born.

    I was raised with animals and one year we had 33 cats. We had three mommy cats and two of them gave birth not long after their first litter. We didn't keep them all. We were a poor family and the only reason they had kittens was because we couldn't afford to have them spayed yet. My mom always did eventually get our animals altered at a discount place in the city. But we always had many animals. Where we lived people would drop off their pets and assume us country folk would take them in or that the pets could fend for themselves in the wild.

  11. Annie,
    Just love your kitties...we do not have any right now, but have had kitties before. We've had three, but only one at a time. All we have now is our Yorkie...but I get my kitty fix from my girls as one has 2 cats and the other has 3 cats

  12. No cats just Colby I can't offer suggestions!!!! But Colby is my constant companion in my studio....he either sits on my computer desk and looks out window, sleeps on the love seat or sits by my painting table waiting for me to drop a q-tip, papertowel or small sponge......he helps clean up by eating them.....! grrrrrrrrrrrrr but ya gotta love them!!!!!
    Your'e so busy all your beautiful ornies!!

  13. Well we only have four due to a recent death in the family. But five cats was not bad!

    I LOVE the picture of your cat yoweling at the window! Cracked me up. I can hear her meow all the way across the internet. :)


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