Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Back to Work!

The vacation is over and the sewing machine is back to it's sweet humming! I certainly enjoyed the break while it lasted. I think the last five months of cutting, turning and stuffing ornies has done something to my arm. It's been hurting quite a bit, especially when I try to pick up something heavy. It's probably one of those "repetitive motion" injuries. But since it didn't start hurting until I quit the stuffing, maybe now that I back at it, the hurt will go away! Ya' think!?!?

My living room is back to a mess, as I'm trying to get everything taken down and put away. I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it, and maybe I should put away a few decorations and only take out my favorites each year. Again, the kids would complain, but hey...they aren't the ones doing all the work! LOL!

Finally got a break from all the rain today and got down my outside decorations. I love putting it all out in December, but I think I love taking it all down so much more! :) I love the fresh start that comes with the new year. Why does it put us in the mood to redo, redecorate, remodel. Most of my major home projects over the years have taken place in the first couple of months of the year!

As I said, I'm back to sewing and just got a few new ornies made up for Valentine's Day. Still have more to stuff and paint, but thought I'd show you a few that I just listed on my Homespun Annie site. I love the elegant look of the white hearts up top. I just couldn't stain them, they were so pretty!

These are my lollipop hearts, made from different pretty prints. They look and smell good enough to eat!

These quilt top hearts aren't just for the holidays, but can be used all year long! They can either be stained or left unstained. I thought the colors were so pretty, so I left them unstained for the pics.

And finally, my open heart tucks. These are so much fun to make!

Well, that's what I've been up to the last couple of days. Working on lots of new pin keeps for my website. Will be back later in the week to show you those. Hope everyone's new year has gotten off to a fantastic start! ~~Annie


  1. You have been busy!!!! Love all the hearts!!!!! I know what you mean about taking a break feels good but my brushes are flying again LOL.....I did some large wooden door hearts for the shop and some signs ....dropped them off today. Take care of your arm.....

  2. Hi Annie~ All your valentine ornies look wonderful!! Please do keep an eye on that shoulder too, I had a bad case of bursitis in my shoulder a couple years ago and the longer I ignored it ( tried to) the worse it got.

  3. I love ALL those hearts! If you wholesale let me know..I would love to have your goodies in my Shop!

  4. Where do you get all that energy? I'm still on R&R and plan to stay on it for some time yet.

    Love the hearts!

  5. Sorry to hear about your "ornie arm" condition...Love your Valentine offerings! You have a great style!! Happy New Year ~ Lisa

  6. You must have the patience of a saint, dearie! All that turning and cutting and stitching and stuffing would make me wild! But the end result you create is just so precious and gorgeous!!!

  7. I love all of your heart decorations!!

  8. Hey Annie, you are making us all look bad...I love all your heart things.especially the suckers..yeah it feels good to have the house cleaned up...and the weather was a pretty one our pody lynn out to watch the squirrels and birds feasting...:) how does the week after next look to you say on the 14th or the following week. 19th-21st? lets hope the weather cooperates...cause I want to shop.:)

  9. Annie, all of your hearts are just so cute! Love those lollipops!

  10. I love all the ornies you've done! You have definitely been a busy girl. I think I need to get off my tush and do something. :)

    Hope your shoulder gets to feeling better.


  11. i love your hearts. i've got some chenille left from christmas. i thinki'll make some out of that. happy new year!!!

  12. I hope your arm gets to feeling better! Injuries are always a bugger... but when it prevents us from doing something we LOVE it hurts even more... Your Valentine's are gorgeous!!!

  13. Hi Annie~ my goodness I don't know how you do it all! Love all the heart ornies you're making. The colors in the green ones are fabulous! Sorry to hear that your arm is hurting you. Hopefully it will go away soon but don't push yourself.

    Goodness gracious, I'll send you some of our snow. It's still snowing here and is supposed to continue through the night.

    Stay dry and warm and crafty.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  14. Wow Annie, you make the cutest
    stuff! I just love the white
    hearts! Stay warm! It sure is
    cold down here! It was 14 deg.
    last night and 20's today and is
    going to be 10 tonight! It is
    warmer in MI than here in S. OK..
    I am going to have to get started
    on cleaning this computer/craft
    room, so I can have some room
    to work. Or, I will just be on
    the computer all the time!

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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