Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Look at These Adorable Faces!

Meet Calli and Maggie!

My friend, Nancy, owns these precious little pups. She just found out that Maggie has heart worms. To read about her ordeal and see more precious photos of these pups, go check out her blog, Inside Nana's Head. Since Nancy lives on a fixed income, to help pay for the enormous bill to treat Maggie, she is having a sell over in her selling blog, Huggins Haven. Please go and check out all she has to offer! You never may see something you can't live without! All her sales will go towards paying her vet bill! Thanks so much! ~~Annie


  1. Hey Annie, I'm going to post this on The Primitive Peddler Blog as well as mine.

  2. I feel so sad for Nancy, she loves those pups so much! I just came from her site and placed an order and I sure hope she can sell enough to cover costs, I will put this on my blog too!

  3. You ladies are the best! Thank you! ~~Annie

  4. It is a wonderful feeling to know you have so many caring friends that you never even got to meet in person...Thank you so much for all your help are all worth more than your weight in gold.
    I have sold $20.00 so far and also called son #5 to remind him about the money he owed me for over 2 years so there is a $90.00 M O on the way from him. I have the bill down now to $400.00 and it will be another $150 for Maggies 2nd treatment but I have the most caring vet ever and he will take payments and even let me put 2 dog beds I made in his office and if they sell that money will be taken off my bill.
    I guess I better get back to the said not to let them get to excited..that is hard to do :)


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