Monday, February 1, 2010

Newest Easter Tucks!

Just wanted to show you my latest Easter tucks! These are so fun and colorful! They have a very nice grungy undercoat, yet finished off with a shimmering coat of opaque paint. Lot's of contrasting features on these Easter eggs! Just listed as a set in my Etsy shop or sold individually in my Homespun Annie Tuck & Ornie shop!

Well friends, wish me luck. I'm going to go and sit and wait....and line at the DMV tomorrow. Got to get my enhanced driver's license so I can cross the border! My friend, Shelley, her two kids, and me and my youngest, Justin, will be driving up to Vancouver to the Winter Olympics. Our schools have a mid winter break in three weeks and we will be going up on one of those days. No tickets to any events, but we just want to get into the thick of things, see the Olympic flame, etc. We had a chance to get tickets to the closing ceremonies....for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS a piece!! I don't think so!!

When we lived in Utah in the nineties, we were there to hear the exciting news that Salt Lake City would host the 2002 Winter Olympics. We were there for most of the preparations and it was all so exciting! But then we moved up to Seattle in 2000. I was so disappointed I didn't get to be a part of all the hype. So, since we're only about 150 miles from Vancouver, BC, why not!?

But I'm afraid so many others have procrastinated like me and will be doing the same thing tomorrow! So....wish me luck! ~~Annie


  1. Good Luck Sister..:)cute eggs.:) you are making me look have you been busy.:)

  2. I love those tucks...I love ALL your tucks! Good Luck at the DMV and how cool is that to be able to go to the Olympics!

  3. love your tucks! good luck with the dmv.

  4. Sounds like fun Annie..Don't forget to take lots of pics to share and let us know all about it.
    I would say $1,000.00 is a bit much...That would be enough for me to get out of Podunk and even pay rent on a different place :)
    Vheck out my blog for my Valenting special cause once there gone..there gone :)

  5. Wow, you outdid yourself on those egg tucks!!! I love the little rusty bell on them, too!!!

  6. Good luck tomorrow at the DMV. Hope you don't have to wait long.
    Love your egg tucks/ornies!! Very cute!!

  7. Sounds like you & the kids are going to have fun! I hope you show us some pics!
    Don't you have to all have passports to go to Canada now?
    Good Luck at the DMV.


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