Monday, March 1, 2010

I Am Renaming My Blog To.......


Not really...but after you hear his latest stunt....well, more about that later!

I wanted to show you a few of my latest creations. Haven't been doing a lot of creating lately due to all my tuck and ornie orders. But I've managed to squeeze in a few things. I have started making candle mats and here's a couple I've just listed over in my website.

This is a large version of my daisy tucks. I made one of these for my friend Fran in a candle mat exchange in one of my groups. I really like how it turned out.

I made this one from a Lone Star pattern cutter quilt. It's nice and stained and smells so good!

Also got a couple of my OOAK pin keeps finished.

The one below is my favorite!

And I just finished up a new set of large Easter egg tucks. I just love how these turned out! I used a cutter with a neat design that had strips of white criss crossing. I placed my egg pattern on the quilt so I would get a cross on the front. I really like how the staining made the cross very subtle.

Okay...on to why I am VERY angry with my cat! I know I have portrayed Harley as sweet and cute and cuddly. Well.....he's NOT! He is an evil cat....downright EVIL! Some of you may remember this pic I posted a while back showing Harley watching a pot of water come to boil.

No...I don't encourage nor do I condone this type of behavior. In fact, I have been no DIScourage it! But Harley is a counter jumper....or more precisely a stove jumper. He likes to walk across the front panel and listen to it go BEEP! I am constantly yelling or running towards him to get him down and hopefully make him realize it's not a good thing to be jumping on the stove. But he just won't stop!

Well, this time he's gone too far! Last night, after hearing the beep beep and shooing him off, I discovered he had locked the panel. I can no longer operate my oven or any of my burners. I think he has shorted something in the electronics. I have tried unplugging it several times, but it always comes back on with the same 56 or SA6 error code. The technician I spoke with had me pressing two buttons at once and holding down in different combinations, but nothing solved the problem! NOTHING on my range will work!

While ordinarily this would be cause for oven means no cooking which means take out or eat out, which also means no cleaning! But my oven is my livelihood! I do all my primming in this thing! And I have orders to finish up and get out! The technician comes on Wednesday and hopefully will be able to get it fixed then. I'm worried it'll be something he has to order and won't be back for another two weeks!

But I don't think Harley is all to blame. It's all these electronic gadgets on these appliances! I have had the repairmen out for this range five times already! My fridge has electronics for the ice maker and water dispenser and they've been out three times already for that! AND once for my dishwasher!!! I tell you, when I get my new home I'm going back to the old fashion knobs! That is, if they still sell them! And these appliances are barely three years old. I have come to the conclusion that all these electrical gadgets aren't always what they're cracked up to be. I mean, look at Toyota and all their problems. And they think it might be electronics. And, by the way... I happen to drive one of those Toyotas, too! LOL! I just can't win!

Thought I might be able to prim up some things in the sun today. Weatherman said there would be sun today. There was no sun today! So, I've heard where some people have used their microwaves to prim things. Might give this a try. Have any of you out there ever tried this? If so, how does it work for you? If push comes to shove, guess I'll have to go and envade my good friend, Shelley, and use her oven! Wonder if a toaster oven will work.......! Grrrrrrrrr!


  1. Its probably not Harley's fault...its called planned obsolescence..our somewhat new appliances are doing the same thing...the repair man said they are made to fall apart after a couple of years...give me the older ones any time!

  2. Oh my I am so sorry to hear that your kitty messed up your stove but I'm sorry I had to giggle when I read that. I hope you get it fixed soon so you can get your orders out!

  3. Hey Annie...I have one of those crazy kitties too! ;)
    Thanks for the comment, it prompted me to read your latest posts...I just saw the one now about the cool is that, that you were actually there! So neat!
    And let me also tell you that I love your chocolate bunnie tucks...they are sooo adorable!

  4. OH MY! He "looks" innocent enough,lol!

  5. oh your harley is an evil kitty..ours get on the sink side..but pody lynn...she is our little stinker will get on the stove side..not often though and I always put her down and tell her no..I am sure all she hears is blah, blah, blah...I hope it is nothing serious..I love your candle mats...and your eggs too..:)

  6. My kitties would walk across my stove top, it's a ceramic top and is like a piece of counter top to them. I was always afraid they would walk across it while it was still hot. I read a post by a vet (I don't remember where)she said to put water in a spray bottle, and any time they got on some thing they shouldn't be on, just spray them. It takes awhile to kick in, but it works. We don't even have a bottle any more, but they stay off the counter tops!
    I know that doesn't save your stove right now, but it will maybe stop it from being a next time.

  7. OH..thats not good! I never owned a kitty ...however my sister keeps a tiny water gun on her kitchen counter and squirts her kitties when they get on the counter.
    Good Luck with your stove

  8. Oh my goodness! Harley confused the panel! I'm hoping it will be just another button pushing combination fix.... I agree that all of these electronics aren't what they are cracked up to be! I always find myself wishing for the "good old days, when things were built, not made"... My Mom still has her clothes dryer after 30 years... I've gone through 2 units in 10? Anyways, toaster oven not a good a idea unless the item is small or flat, as it burns fast. Haven't tried the microwave technique... keeping my fingers crossed you are up and running soon! Love all your creations!

  9. Oh, what a stinker!!! Hope you can get that stove fixed pronto!! I purchased a $25.00 toaster oven to use in my craft room and it works great. Can't put anything too big in there but for my smaller items, it is perfect. Also has a timer I can set. Works really good for this forgetful girl. LOL!!!

  10. Annie, I've been in the same position, and it was at Christmas time when I had a HUGE order of gingerbread men for The Saltbox in Sumner. I ended up buying a large toaster oven 'cause I had to wait while they ordered a part. I managed to get my orders done but it sure wasn't fun baking four gingers at a time!!

  11. Wonderful new creations. I always look for mini baskets in the thrifts, now I need to make pin keeps or something with them. That stove would make me nuts, I still have no idea what half the controls in my car do, lol.


  12. You must be mistaken Annie..I can tell by looking at your kitty that he loves you and would never do anything naughty..but please let me know if the microwave works..Would be a lot quicker...Big hugs to Harley from my naughty Maggie LOL

  13. Hi Annie
    Would you please go to my blog. I have something for you!!
    Prim Blessings

  14. Oh that Stinker! If I ever caught Java on our stove I think it might be the last thing she ever did... but I have seen her little footprints on the counters in the morning...

    I noticed you made it up for the Olympics... I'm in Abbotsford, just a short hour away from Vancouver and we never even made it in! The views were just too good on the tube! (And then I could keep sewing while watching!)

    I had a peek through your etsy and love everything! Are you anywhere near Bellingham? I'm down there quite often for fabric...

    Have a great evening!
    Take care, Kimberly

  15. Hope the stove dilemma gets fixed soon. I agree with you that these modern electronic appliances can be so stressful. It seems like adding more parts to everything just creates more opportunities for appliances to malfunction. Harley sounds more like a smart old fox than a cat. What a character. Blessings.

  16. Love your items you are working on - truly prim and gorgeous! Oh I got the giggles reading about Harley - frustrating I know - been there!


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