Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm STILL in Disbelief!

Well, I am happy to report that my range is up and running and I'm baking ornies once again! The repairman came yesterday afternoon, took out all the parts that had been sent to the house, and then took a look at the range. Then he asked me if I had the Owner's Manual for my range. I gave it to him and he quickly thumbed through the pages. Then I hear a "beep beep" and the repairman said "All fixed!"

Yep...just like that! All fixed! Okay...brace yourselves....! For almost TWO weeks I have been without my range, unable to use my oven or cook top, unable to prim my ornies, unable to BAKE BROWNIES....all because................ was set in SABBATH mode! The code on my range was NOT SA6, it was SAb! Which just happens to mean Sabbath mode. I looked at the repairman and was like "What the heck is 'Sabbath mode'?" So he showed it to me in the manual. Yep....there is was..."for use on the Sabbath and all Jewish holidays"!

I have NEVER heard of this!! But he went on to tell me that refrigerators with the automatic water and ice dispensers also have this feature built in.

Well, not being of the Jewish persuasion, I just HAD to investigate further! This is what it says in Wikipedia:

"Sabbath mode (English), also known as Shabbos mode (Yiddish) or Shabbat mode (Hebrew), is a feature in many modern home appliances, including ovens and refrigerators which is intended to allow the appliances to be used (subject to various constraints) by Shabbat-observant Jews on the Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Jews are forbidden from doing creative work on the Shabbat. Observant Jews interpret this to include doing things such as making a fire, preparing food or even closing a switch or pressing an electronic button."

It's quite interesting reading. More about it can be found here.

Needless to say I was VERY upset! Not that my oven has a Sabbath mode! I was upset because I had spoken to a technician on the phone and had a second technician come out last week, only to tell me I needed a new electronic panel. Now, tell me...why didn't either one of those people catch this? All I needed to do was push (the correct) two buttons at the same time! Fortunately, the guy that came out yesterday had a little more knowledge than the other two guys! I had looked in my manual when this first happened and no where does it show the code SAb.

So...I thought I would enlighten those of you fortunate (or maybe not so fortunate) enough to own one of these newfangled electronic appliances! LOL! Now you know!

And I just HAVE to share my one mishap while discovering the wonderful world of microwave primming! This is what happens when you accidentally add a extra zero to the bake time of a daisy candle mat!

Yep, burnt it...literally! Caught it on fire! Burnt to a crisp! Been burning daisies around here! LOL!

So, that concludes the saga of my range and the cat that put it in Sabbath mode. By the way, Harley says to tell you all "Shalom"!


  1. I have never heard of you taught me and I am sure alot of others somethint new..but glad it wasn't nothing as for that daisy..:) Tell Harley HI for me..:)

  2. WOW..I just read your post to Tim and he is shaking his head..he and I have never heard of that. Well I am glad you have it fixed. Sabath mode...unreal!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I had never heard of this either. They say you learn something every day. Will the company take back the parts you had to order? Seems like they should since their servicemen couldn't figure out the problem.

    I haven't tried doing anything but salt dough ornies in my oven because I have had fear of things ending up like your candle mat. lol

    Take care and so glad your up and baking again!

  4. Lol! Really I know it's not funny but I couldn't help but chuckle. Do these appliance people acutally expect us to read the "whole" manual? I'm glad to hear you have your oven back which means no more mishaps with burned daisies, but also means cooking and cleaning....sorry.

    BTW, I love reading the adventures of Harley!



  5. Too funny about Harley saying Shalom! Gotta find laughter in everything to keep us sane! So glad that you have your oven back... your unwanted sabbath from creating has come to an end! :-)

  6. That's all new to me too, lucky for you, you got a tech that knew what he was doing, well, the THIRD one anyway lol! That daisy is pretty sad looking, glad you got the use of your oven back:D

  7. OMG Annie what a funny story.....not for you these past few weeks .....but who would have thunk???????? LOL! Shalom!

  8. OMG Annie- How strange! and frustrating for you!
    Glad it is running right now!!

  9. Hey Annie! Thanks for sharing the info on the Sabbath setting! Never heard of such a thing..LOL. Yea I must admit I did chuckle..but I sure can imagine the frustration it caused for you. Hope things go smooth for ya more burning daisies...:)

  10. Sabbath Mode....Making me wonder what other modes might be on that thing! Too funny. Thanks for the story.

  11. I'm still shaking my head. LOL Who would ever think of something like that built into an appliance?? Thanks so much for sharing that, you started my Sunday morning off with a chuckle :) Sorry about your candle mat though, that is so frustrating! Happy cooking again Ü

  12. I know that has to tick ya off!
    I know I would only call that 3rd
    guy, from now on! I think I will
    stick to the "plain Jane" type
    appliances...I didn't know you
    had a Jewish cat! He's such a
    cute little rascal! :) Well, I
    am glad all is well, now...Happy

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  13. This happen to us, so I have highlighted the SAB in the owner manual. Sometimes it is the simple things, that go a muck!

  14. Oh Annie,
    I have to admit that I chuckle too when reading your post. Who would of thought there was a Sabbath mode...I'm going to check out my manual to my stove and fridge. Well...I have to say that Harley sure is a cute little stinker!!

  15. Annie, As they say, third time's a charm and your third serviceman did the trick!!!!! Never heard of Sabboth mode, although I still have my old (old) appliances. Hope they keep on working. After hearing about these new-fangled appliances, I think I just want to keep my own and be out-dated!!!!
    Lois L.

  16. File that one under life's weird and wacky! OMG - funny but not for you! That Harley is a character!

  17. So Harley is a Kosher only kitty. Amazing. What a crazy story. I am glad to know that strange things like that don't just happen to me, and glad to hear that you finally got your stove working again. Thanks for sharing that funny story with the rest of us. Blessings.

  18. Cute blog....glad I popped! I have NEVER heard of Sabbath mode....I learn something new everyday!


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