Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dragonflies EVERYWHERE!

I have always been fascinated with the dragonfly. I remember as a little girl, running barefoot through the grass, trying to catch these little critters. I often would see them perched on my mother's taut clothes line, sneaking up ever so quietly and trying endlessly to grab a wing. I don't remember if I ever succeeded. I DO remember how simple those days were back then. I guess that is why whenever I see these amazing litter creatures, I'm always taken back to my childhood.

For many of today's kids, those simple days are long gone. Gathering tadpoles at the pond down the road. Playing "kick the can" until our yard was only illuminated by the street light from across the street. It was about now this time each year, that the shoes came off and left in the house, only brought out to go to town and, of course, to church. Our feet, tender from the long winter, it would take a couple of weeks to get used to running on the rocks. The days were long and playtime continued well after dinner (or as we called it, supper) was long over. When it was time to come home I'd know by the distant call of my name. No cell phone ringing in my pocket, no text messages. Just my name echoing across the yards, my mom calling me from the back porch door.

I don't know why the dragonfly does this to me. They stir up so many memories. I guess that's why I love making them so much. Here are some of my past and present dragonflies. My newest are these colorful painted dragonflies.

The rest of these are all made from different colorful quilt tops. They are so much fun to have laying around!

I am currently offering dragonflies from the quilt top the above ones are made from. Supplies, however, are limited, and once gone, I will search for another bright and cheery quilt top. If you are interested in any of my dragonflies, visit me at Olde Annie Primitives. Hope I have stirred up a few memories for you! ~~Annie


  1. I love your dragonflys they are wonderful especially the quilted ones..I remember as kids we would cover our mouthes cause dragon flys would sew your lips together..I have no idea where or who made this up...:)

  2. Annie I remember those wonderful days of being a kid. It is a shame our kids today don't know the joy of being children anymore.
    Your dragonflies are wonderful!! Come and see me sometimes!!

  3. I love them too Annie and also remember the summers from long ago.
    Hop on over to my blog and sign up for my 30.00 grocery gift card and also have info on weight loss challenge.
    I alos love anything made from cutter quilts :)

  4. Amazing Annie, you can make dragon flies look cute!! I love your
    arrangement in your header
    picture! I changed my blog to
    patriotic, stop by when you get
    time. Have a great day...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Annie,

    Oh I love the dragonflies. The painted ones are so bright and the quilted ones are so pretty.

    Boy, now you have brought back memories....I wanna go play kick the can...care to join me?

  6. You've been so busy! Those are so colorful and prim. Great job!

  7. I adore your dragonflies Annie, I saw your link on Huggins Haven blog and your primatives are fabulous!

    Smiles, Cyndi


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