Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yummmm! Cool Sweet Watermelon!

I can't believe I've never made or done anything with watermelon before now! My FAVORITE fruit, especially when they're good and sweet. And watermelons bring me so many wonderful memories growing up in the hot southeast. Nothing better on a hot summer afternoon than to have watermelon juice running down your face and arms!

Anyway...I finally made a batch of watermelon and oh, how "sweet" they turned out! I'm now not only hooked on eating this wonderful fruit, I'm hooked on making them. These are my first for many more to come!

Notice how those pesky little bees always manage to find the watermelon. Whenever we had an outdoor pig pickin', barbecue, or just a family outing, we'd always break open a watermelon and take it out away from the yard. Everyone always claimed it would keep the bees away from your party because they'd all head for the watermelon!

Sure hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day and are able to spend it with your husbands, fathers, and/or sons! We're on our way up into the mountains to eat at the Pancake House up at Snoqualmie Falls. We went there last year and had such a wonderful time, we decided to go back up. I even posted about it last year and if you're interested, you can read about it here. Don't think the weather will be as pretty today, but you never know once you get up there! Happy Father's Day! ~~Annie


  1. I LOVE Your watermelon!! Enjoy the day with your family.

  2. I sure do love the watermelons you made! They are the way I like them.You can put them in a wooden bowl and put them anywhere in your home!
    Watermelon to me means SUMMERTIME!
    You are very talented!

  3. Hey Annie, I am totally loving your watermelons!! you are a pro at this..I love everyone of them..hope you are having a great time today..we are getting rain..:)

  4. Your watermelon are sooo primilicious!! love them!!

  5. What color/brand of pink did you use for the watermelons? Thanks

  6. Annie, those watermelons look good enough to eat. I hope you had a great day. We had a beautiful day here.

  7. These watermelon are SOOO darn cute! Dawn

  8. Hey Annie, I love your watermelon!
    mmmm.....I got my kitten, I did
    a post a few days ago, like he
    was the one who did it. He is a
    fur ball! I named him Chumlee,
    but with that wild hair, I should
    have named him Einstein! I hope
    you had a great day.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. YUM! My favorite too, and it looks good enough to eat;)

  10. That is the best looking Watermelon I have ever seen Annie. It looks so real and all the other watermelon I have seen just looked like fake Watermelon. Something about the way you did the seeds or something makes it look real. I may have to get some of that from you once we get moved so Billy can have Watermelon on the table ALL the time :)
    Good job


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