Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barely Keeping My Head Above Water!

So sorry I haven't been around lately! But IT IS that time of year! I've been busy with my tucks and ornies and trying to sneak in a few one of a kind pieces here and there. I love making gatherings and other shelf sitters. Here are a few pieces I just listed at Olde Annie Primitives.

This first piece is definitely a conversation piece. It's made from an old enamel spittoon! When I saw this piece, it brought back memories of the wonderful sweet old lady that lived beside us when I was growing up. She was known as Mammie by her grandchildren, and not having a grandmother of my own, I felt in many ways she was my own Mammie. Mammie was awfully afraid of thunderstorms and didn't like staying alone on those nights when the weather looked threatening. I would often stay over with her on those nights, often sleeping in the unheated spare bedroom, quilts piled halfway to the ceiling, listening to the sweet pitter patter of rain on the old tin roof. What I would give to go back to one of those nights! But before bed I would sit in the warm living room with Mammie, often doing my homework while she watched Gunsmoke or The Wild Wild West. Mammie took to dipping snuff at this time. She had her specially pruned and primed tree branch that she dipped into the snuff and held between her cheek and gums. Her spittoon was tucked to the side of her chair, just next to the wall. Mammie loved telling stories and I loved listening to them. I can still see her now, taking time between her numerous stories to take a spit now and then in that old spittoon of hers. Mammie would often make me my own tree branch along with my own little can of snuff. No....not HER snuff, but rather a concoction of cocoa and sugar she would mix up for me. That's probably the reason for my numerous dentist visits lately and why I just had to have a crown put on my back tooth! LOL! Mammie was a huge part of my childhood and she left such an impression on me back then. I love reminiscing about those days when she lived in the little tin roof house beside us! Isn't it wonderful how an old object can bring back such wonderful memories!

I loved this funnel...no memories for me there! LOL! But they make wonderful make-dos. And I DO love this old gray enamelware!

And one more enamel piece! I love the cream color of this old lid...and so nicely chipped! :)

And a few of my new tucks this season!

Hope fall has been good to you all. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Hopefully I'll be back before then! :)


  1. loved your story about "mammie"..and of course I love your creations.you have been busy.;)

  2. Annie, love the story about Mammie. Good memories! I love the enamal lid and went to see if I could purchase it but it was already sold. :( It would have looked so good in my red kitchen. Love all your creations!

  3. Thanks for sharing your precious childhood memories. This is why I love prims - they spark something special in us! Keep on creating!~*~Lisa

  4. Just found your blog and love it! I"m a new follower. All your items are so cute! If you can manage to put down the needle and thread long enough, why not come on over to my blog and sign up for my giveaway.

  5. Your big bro Tony wants to know if you've made anything that reminds you of him.... sounds like something he would say, doesn't it?! -Jennifer


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