Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas...from my home to yours!

I finally got a few pictures taken and wanted to share with you a little of my Christmas this year. I got a late start decorating and I am making a promise to myself to start earlier next year! I use to do my Christmas decorating on the weekend after Thanksgiving, but since I've started selling on line, seems the decorating is starting later and later each year. I PROMISE to do better next year. My youngest son is 13 and he will be out the door before I know it. He still enjoys all the traditions of Christmas. He keeps asking when we're going to do "this" and when we're going to do "that". So to him, I will keep my promise!

This is the first year my daughter will not be home before Christmas. I miss having her here, shopping, baking, decorating and most of all, wrapping my presents! But she is now a working young lady, having graduated from college last summer. With her schedule, she won't be home until Christmas Eve. And we're still waiting to hear if my oldest son will have to work on Christmas day. Christmases change as the children grow up and go on their own. It's a bit sad, but it IS life! I will have to get use to those changes!

I've enjoyed decorating this year (along with Harley's help!). With the help of my youngest son, as well as with his blessings, I boxed away many items that I no longer plan to use. I will save those boxes and maybe one day he, or my other two kids will want to use some things out of them. I have been leaning more towards a "handmade" Christmas. I really enjoyed the craft shows this year and picked up several new handmade items, as well as a few on line. But I haven't steered away from many of our traditional decorating, as well. Our mantel with my Christmas village and stockings remain the same...
I changed up the top of the piano this year. I really like how it turned out...
This is a little grouping sitting on top of an old sewing cabinet...
And finally, three of my four trees. This is our main tree that sits in the front window of our living room. We still get a fresh tree each year. We all loved this tree as soon as we saw it. Was probably the easiest year for finding a tree...EVER!
This little tree holds my hand painted ornaments...
And this is my new Vienna twig tree! This is my prim tree just outside my craft room. It holds ornies from different swaps, gifts, and those I've bought at craft shows and on line. I just love these Vienna twig trees, but this one is only a 4-foot tree and already filled. So next year I plan to buy a 6-foot twig tree and use this one for my hand painted ornies...
Christmas seems to come quicker and quicker each year and I am desperately trying to find a way to slow it down! (If anyone knows the secret, please fill me in!) I braved the post office today and I'm so glad the yearly shipping is behind me! I still have to get our Honey Baked ham, so that will be another line to stand in! A little more shopping and ALL the wrapping still left to do. That's where I REALLY MISS my daughter...she's always been my wrapper! And a little more baking still left to do. But it's all so much fun! I LOVE this time of year, despite it's hectic pace! It's definitely "THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!" ~~Annie


  1. Your home is looking beautiful, I like all your different trees. It does change when the kids grow up and leave home...I only have one son and he still loves the traditions of Christmas...he's been gone from home for 29 years. Talk about life flying by...I mean, when did that happen...LOL

    I don't bake any more since my husband passed last year...I've gotten my weight down and all those blood test numbers under very few carbohydrates. I did make snickerdoodles with my 3 year old g' was fun but I didn't keep all the cookies. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow Annie..Your trees are all awesome..I to miss the kids all coming home and getting to SEE them open their I have to ship everything. Nellie is coming home and we will bake (her favorite thing to bake is C C Cookies with cut up pieces of carmels) but the only gifts under the tree are for her so she can't help me wrap.
    Yes they do grow up fast and then when they get married and have kids of their own it gets harder to find the right gifts.
    Have a great Christmas with your family and wishing you all a great New Year :)

  3. Hey Annie, I love your decor..and I spied my little gingerbread man under your prim tree..I should make more of those..:) I hope you have a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year..I am making it a new years resolution to get out to see you for shopping next other friend Sarah would love to go and she loves thrift shopping too.:)

  4. Good Morning Annie...I love writing my stories so am ultra happy that you enjoyed reading them...I love old things so was extremely pleased when I found all you ladies that love them too!!!


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