Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New OOAK Pin Keeps!

Been working on a few new one of a kind pin keeps! I just love making these! Well, what I REALLY love is going to all the thrift stores to find unusual and unique pieces to make them in. I have a shelf full of these finds and can't wait to start working on more! And I DO love picking out the perfect fabric for each piece.

This one is so simple, yet so unique. Love the punch of the colors in this fabric against the white starfish shape.

And this one has a touch of elegance to it!

This unique piece is a tiny metal pail. The fabric I used is a vintage piece with pears on it. Love the size of this piece!

I love pottery and I love the colors in this piece. But I really like the practicality this pin keep offers. Bottom of piece makes a nice little "caddy" for loose buttons or safety pins.

I've had these made for weeks now but they've been tucked away waiting to get their pictures taken, waiting for a little attention. Finally decided today to quit neglecting them! All these and a few more can be found over on my website! Drop on by and check out a few other new items I've just listed, as well.

Thanks for dropping by today! Hope you're all having a wonderful week! ~~Annie


  1. Love your pinkeeps! You have such a gift - so many would pass these items up and you've turned them into little treasures! I just joined a pinkeep swap at Ravenwood Whimzies and am trying to decide on what to make! Have a great day ~*~Lisa

  2. I Love your pin keeps Annie..I also went thrift store shopping (when I was still way up North) and found some nice cups and made some..they are all in a big bin and I could have a pin keep sale at my house with as many pin keeps as I have..Hope summer gets here soon so I can have a GS and print some more fabric.
    Maybe I should update my selling blog huh?

  3. I love pinkeeps and yours are awesome!! Great job!


  4. I love the unique containers..they are wonderful..;)

  5. The pin keeps are beautiful and practical...a pleasing combination! I don't sew often but it might be nice to have one just to look at!

  6. Very cute pin-keeps!!

  7. Annie, love the pin keeps. I have picked up pieces that I thought would make cute pin keeps but mine are still sitting on the self waiting for me to get to work on them. lol I love yours.

  8. Love your pinkeeps! I treasure the one you sent me a while back.


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