Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Back! Come Check Out What I've Been Up To!

Hello friends! Since Easter I've been busy doing some spring cleaning. We had family visit us from Chicago last week. And what better motivation to get the house sparkling clean than to have house guests! Now that they have left, I hope I can keep it this way for a bit. But since they've left I've gotten back into my sewing. Now...if I could just learn how to keep all of my fabrics and supplies and finished pieces all in ONE place! But I'm sure many of you know that the crafting can get scattered about in different rooms. At least that's how it is here! But I'm trying....!

I had some things I'd started a while back and just finished a few of those up yesterday and today. I still have a few more to finish. I think that will be about it for the red, white and blue. I'll probably start working on some year round prims next, as well as start on some things for Christmas in July. Wow! Can't believe summer is just around the corner, but then, we still haven't had our SPRING around here! GEEZ! I sure hope summer will be good to us up here!

I hope you all have had a better spring than we've had in the Pacific Northwest. And I hope none of you have experienced any of the harsh weather that has swept across the country in recent weeks. It really makes my complaining about the rain and the cold quite trivial!

I've been enjoying making a few patriotic/Americana items. And new this year are my strawberry gatherings. I have a few of those still to come.

All the items above have just been listed on my website. Hope you'll drop by to check out these and other items I have listed, as well as the new items I will be adding in the next few days. Oh...and check out the cute kitties I found recently while out thrifting!

These are so nice and very detailed. They are made of a nice vinyl, nicely painted, and the bottoms are weighted for sitting nicely on a shelf or table. They are also listed on my website.

I'll try not to stay away so long next time! Thanks for visiting! ~~Annie


  1. I just LOVE your new creations! They are beautiful... hope you have a nice weekend...

  2. I love your new creations (as always) and the kittens are sooo cute..I just put a new post in my blog and the next one will be about my great finds at Good will..I will be having a give away in my blog as soon as I reach 100 followers (only 5 to go)...I am going to make one of my OOAK for the give away.
    Have a great week rnd and the weather here has been good and maybe we can get the garden planted soon :)

  3. morning Annie! All your items are adorable and unique! What I love is everything you make looks different from the last item; you are very creative!!! I need to do some of that cleaning also - I'll have to skip Spring clean and go straight to Summer!lol Hope you have a great weekend - Jeannette

  4. Annie, I am still spring cleaning!! I did not have the company coming so I am moving at a turtle pace!! Love all the creations, summer is coming fast and like you we have not had spring here yet either.


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