Saturday, July 2, 2011


As we celebrate the birth of our nation, I'd like to take a minute to reflect on this great country we live in! Not only are we fortunate to live in a country where we can enjoy our freedom, but we live in a country filled with so much beauty. Having lived on both the east coast and the west coast, and a couple of points in between, I have had the opportunity to visit almost every state in the country. While some sites may be of grand proportions others may be quite subtle. I am a lover of nature. I enjoy the unique, I enjoy the odd, I enjoy the spectacular and I enjoy the simple. I love beauty and I believe there is beauty everywhere you look! I also believe that beauty begins within, and to be able to see the beauty you have to be able to experience it. And I believe that different people see beauty in different things. I also think there are many who have difficulty seeing the beauty in many things. I feel so bad for those people, for they have no idea what they are missing! I can honestly say that I have no desire to visit other countries. There is simply so much here I have yet to see!

I love the beauty in every flower!

I love the wheat fields and the abandon homes of days gone by!

I love the waters...whether they be blue, brown, white or even GREEN!

I love the eerie look of the moss covered trees.

I love the beautiful skies and the uniqueness of every sunset!

I love the calm waters!

And the rough seas!

I love the lighthouses, whether perched atop the rouged cliffs....

Or sitting atop the sandy beaches!

I love the uniqueness of every tree!

And the grandeur of every mountain!

I love the farmlands!

And the countryside!

I love the snow covered mountains!

And the tree lined streets!

I love the old, forgotten barns!

I love the beauty of each and every waterfall, no matter how large...

or how small!

But mostly, I love the freedom to be able to travel this country, finding something new around every bend! I hope you love this country the way I do! And I hope you have found some beauty here today! Please stay safe and enjoy your holiday weekend! God Bless America! ~~Annie


  1. Beautiful post!!


  2. America the Beautiful and Bountiful! Wonderful post , such amazing pics, thanks so much for sharing! Im proud to be an American! God Bless America and you my friend! Happy 4th! hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. DITTO! I feel the same about my country Canada! I've seen the west and want to see the east in the near future. I also LOVE the US. I hope to someday travel across all of North America. I've only been to a handful of states but I love what I've seen. I was especially impressed with both North and South Carolina....beautiful states!

    If more of us traveled at "home" so to speak, it would be so much better for our economy. I hate flying so that makes it easy for me to only want to see what's in driving range but I really do believe there is so much locally to see and explore that it would take a lifetime.

    Loved the photos and post!

  4. I loved your post today!!
    Beautiful photos of this great land we live in!!
    God Bless the USA!!
    Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!!

  5. Hi Annie~What a wonderful tribute to our amazing country! I am very thankful for the freedom to travel this country as well, so much to do and see. God Bless the USA :)

  6. What a heart warming post about this wonderful land. Hope your weekend is great.

  7. I am also proud to be an American and have no desire to visit any other country except for Canada,,,that is where my Mother was born and raised for about 12 years and we still have some relatives there.
    I watch H G T V and I always wonder why people would want to buy a summer home in another country when there is so many beautiful places right here in the U S.
    Great post Annie and I could see the beauty in every picture you posted.
    Have a safe and happy 4th :)

  8. I love all the photos you shared..they were wonderful..have a happy and safe 4th of july.;)

  9. A beautiful post with beautiful pics!Thanks for sharing .Have a wonderful 4th of July!Hugs,Jen

  10. Wonderful pics, Annie. You wrote how I feel too. Have a great 4th.

  11. Great post Annie! I loved it!!

  12. Your niece Jennifer :)July 5, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    What a great post!!! The picture of the mountain with the caption "And the grandeur of every mountain".... did you take that picture? And where is it? I LOVE it.

  13. Hi Jennifer! Good to see you. I took all these pictures. (Had to scan an old pic of the lighthouse at Cape Hatteras...taken long before I had my digital). That mountain is Mt. Baker during the summer. It's up near Bellingham. We had driven up to see Katie and drove up there for the day. Come on back out and we'll go up there!! :)

  14. Great photos...loved your words...Bravo!


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