Monday, November 14, 2011

Closing Shop!

Only for the rest of the year! And only my tuck and ornie sales. I still have a few things on my website that are made and ready to ship, and I still need to finish up a few things and get them posted. I have several orders I need to finish up and get out this week. But I've taken all my "make after purchase" tucks off of Etsy and my website.

Ladies, I tell you,, I am totally wiped out! This has been the busiest fall season ever, but it has definitely taken its toll. Hurricane Annie swept through here about the middle of September and I'm STILL waiting for FEMA to come give me some kind of relief! I guess I'm going to have to do it on my own. Hubby has been good (and very understanding...bless his heart)! He'll cook...on the weekends. He'll clean the kitchen...if I bang the dishes loud enough. He'll fold the laundry...if I dump it in his lap. hehe! He's a GOOD man...he just needs a little, er um, motivation at times.

So after I get the rest of these orders out the door, I am cleaning house for Thanksgiving! And then I'll be able to put my Christmas decorations up the weekend after! I have always loved the simplicity of Thanksgiving. I love a warm and cozy home, with family sitting around the dinner table, enjoying food and conversation. I love the smell of candles burning, munching on home baked goodies, watching the Macy's Christmas parade on TV. And then enjoying a few Hallmark Christmas movies throughout the day. But when almost every inch of my downstairs is scattered with fabrics and fiberfill and shipping supplies, and when my counters are covered with paints and stains and brushes...well, there is NO warm and cozy feeling there! So, there IS work to be done before next Thursday!

So I'm giving myself a break from my website, my creating, my sewing! There are a lot of wonderful blogs I love visiting, and I've missed that lately, as well. I have a lot of catching up to do. And I still have some pictures I need to take and show you all. For the past four weekends (and a few week days) I have been scouring the craft shows. I've picked up some cute things and a few holiday gifts, as well. And the GOOD shows are still to come!

But until then, it's back to work...sewing, stuffing, staining, painting, packaging, shipping,! That's been my daily routine for the past three months! I FINALLY see a light at the end of the tunnel! ~~Annie


  1. Annie,
    enjoy your rest. Taking one myself this week, get to get grandbaby hugs in a couple of days, can't wait to see them, they live so far away. Sounds like your husband helps same way mine does, LOL. They just need a little loving nudge once in a while.
    Warm Wishes,

  2. Good to hear that sales have been good for you Annie! A much needed and deserved break to regroup and enjoy the holidays with family and friends sounds like a wonderful idea. Enjoy!

  3. You enjoy your holidays and take a break.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Annie, I totally understand. I'm about to take a break too.

  5. You totally rock! Sales, busy as a bee...yeah, you need to rest... Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family! Hugs

  6. Enjoy a wonderful thanksgiving with your family.....these are days you can never recapture!

  7. Oh Annie I so understand how you feel right now. I had thought about removing all made to order listings as well. I am ready to slow down and attempt to enjoy the season.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday this year


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