Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Woohoo! It's Party Time!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! It was a beautiful evening here and the kids were out in droves! My friend brought her kids over and we walked the neighborhood. I live in a huge neighborhood and every year it amazes me the number of cars parked at the entrance of people bringing their kids here to trick or treat. As usual, we handed out tons of candy. It was so much fun!

I spent yesterday working hard to get some orders out so I could justify taking today off! For today I PARTY! I'm waiting for my friend and her mom to get here. They are taking me out to lunch and then we're going to hit a couple of craft shows. Hubby made me that delicious looking cake last night. It's a carrot cake and I can't wait to dig in tonight. Don't tell him, but I DID run a finger through the frosting! hehe! Tonight he and the boys are taking me to dinner. I've chosen to go to Famous Dave' their ribs! I pretty much know what my gifts will be as I've given hubby my list. I'm such a practical person. I don't like things like flowers or candy, and hubby knows never to buy those for me, so he insists on a list and I'm always happy to oblige. Hubby's best gift to me? A gift card from Jo-Ann's! LOL! So today is my fun day! It only comes around once a year. Well, not really...I get lots of fun days throughout the year. But THIS one is always guilt free! LOL!

I work all year selling my handmade items just so I can spend all fall on other's handmade items! I LOVE going to craft shows and church bazaars and this and next week there are a ton of them. We're hitting two that start today, a couple that start tomorrow, some on Friday and then on Saturday we'll be out from 9 until 5 trying to get in as many as we can. I just love buying handmade! And with that said, I'll be back later this week to show you all some of the wonderful things I've gotten from my online friends. I've been doing lots of shopping from some of my favorite online artists, many of whom I've become wonderful friends with! Can't wait to share that with you. So stay tuned as I will have LOTS of eye candy to show you all! Have a great week! ~~Annie


  1. well have a wonderful day today and the next couple of days..I too love going to the shows and buying handmade..that cake looks yummy..can you take a lick for me too.)

  2. Have a great day and I know you're going to love the cake. Who doesn't love carrot cake?

  3. I hope you enjoy your day Annie! Sounds like great fun and lots of pampering. Famous Dave's is one of our favorites too.
    Sure wish we had more craft fairs in my area. One big one coming up on the 19th but that's it.
    Happy Birthday~

  4. Happy Birthday! It's so much fun to have a sweet hubby and those that care about you to give you all that special treatment on your special day! HAVE FUN! ♥♥♥

  5. Hope you enjoy your day...sounds as if you are going to have fun fun! That cake looks good...hubby really knows how to pamper!
    Have fun!

  6. How sweet that your hubby would make that cake for you; he sounds like a keeper!

    Hope you have a wonderful special day.


  7. Happy Birthday, Annie. That's a wonderful husband who makes a cake for you!!!!! Sounds like a great day and a great weekend ahead.


  8. Hope that you have a great day today and I hope that you save me a piece of that wonderful cake!! Take Care and God Bless! Donna

  9. Happy Birthday Annie! Sounds like a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed every minute of it. I will take a slice of that cake please!!!

  10. Hope you had a wonderful day Annie and belated happy birthday!!



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