Sunday, January 15, 2012

The View From My Window....and Some St. Patty's Day Prims

This was our sunset a couple of nights ago. It sure was pretty, but it was just a precursor to things to come. The snow started last night and we are now under a beautiful blanket of white. So glad we don't have to worry about going out tomorrow since it's a holiday!

I also wanted to show you my newest tucks. I've had so many requests to make more St. Patrick's Day tucks, so here are a few. Of course, there aren't that many things associated with St. Patty, but here are a few anyway.

I'm selling this as a trio of St. Patrick's day tucks. The shamrock and horseshoe are smaller than the ones in my older set.

I love these Pot O' Gold tucks. The gold paint I use makes the coins look like real gold. I coat these, as well as the trio, in a coat of shimmering glitter paint.

Love how these grungy leprechaun hats turned out!

I'm working on several new patterns, as well. I can't seem to get them finished between working on my orders and being on jury duty. That ruined my whole week last week, and still not done!

Hope everyone is staying warm! I've been enjoying the football games. Sure is a lot easier to watch when my team isn't playing! LOL! Have a great week everyone! ~~Annie


  1. Those little pots of gold are too cute! Love your lephrechaun hats too. Enjoy your snowed in day!

  2. What a beautiful sunset pic! TFS Annie. We are supposed to have a wet week around here but nothing yet. Still brown and dry looking.
    Great little St. Patty's Day tucks you came up with.
    Hope you have a great week.

  3. I heard you all on the seattle side got hit big with the snow..we got an inch if that..and its melting. but they say we are in for your pots of gold.;) have a wonderful snow day.:)

  4. Beautiful sunset!! Love the little pots of gold and the leprechaun very cute!!

  5. Love that sunset!!! And love the leprechaun hats. Those pots of gold look like ALOT of work!!!
    Have a great week,


  6. Love the sunset picture. Love all the new tucks, the pot of gold are my favorite.

  7. Gorgeous sunset picture Annie!

    Your St. Pat's handmades are so cute! Love the little leprechaun hats.

    Enjoy being snowed in, I hope you are super productive and getting lots of things made. =]

  8. Awesome sunset and nice tucks..The Hats are my favorites. I will be happy if I ever get a house big enough that I can display some nice things...didn't even have a Christmas Tree this past Christmas. Time will tell what happens in the next few months. If all of a sudden I disappear you will know I won a jackpot :)
    Stay warm Annie. Cold here now but not much snow at all (sigh) I don't like riding on back country roads when it snows :)

  9. What a beautiful picture. You can send some of that snow down here to GA. It was nearly 65 degrees here today! Love all of your St. Patty's day goodies especially the hats. Have a good evening.

  10. The sunset photo is gorgeous! The St. Patty's Day tucks are so beautiful...I like all of them!


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