Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way??

Just finished up my FIRST round of spring and Easter primitives. Mostly tucks and ornies with this round.

These eggs are so unique. I found a bunch of these panels at the thrift store all sewn together in a strip. Not sure what the original intention was. It's like an upholstery type fabric. I thought they would make beautiful eggs!

Have YOU ever been called an "Egg Head". LOL!

These are the sweetest little bunny peeps. They are also available in purple and green.

Another great fabric find at the thrift store. Loved this polka dot type chenille fabric. And love how the staining turned out on this little bunny.

These brightly colored Easter eggs are made from place mats! I couldn't resist the colors. The backs are the same fabric, only in a solid purple.

And another set of my butterflies. I have several more sets of these in the works.

Everything can be found over at Olde Annie Primitives. The tucks can also be found in my Etsy shop.

I have lots more in the works...mostly gatherings, hangings and make-dos. This week my friend and I are driving down to Portland. Fabric Depot here I come. I LOVE this store and hope to find lots of new fabrics! I also need to buy a couple more bolts of muslin. I know a lot of my prim friends have been bummed out (like me) that you can no longer get Morning Glory fiberfill. I also like Mountain Mist from Jo-Ann's, but they quit carrying it a couple of years ago. So I've been having to buy it by the case on line. Well, I was just in Jo-Ann's and actually found the Mountain Mist Fiber-loft once again. They were selling it by the 2 lb. bag. I hope it's back for good. While some may think it's not as good as the Morning Glory, it's still much better than that silky stuff. If anyone has a source for Morning Glory, please let me know! If you need a similar substitute, try the Mountain Mist. Hope everyone has a great week! I'll be back with more spring and Easter primitives soon! ~~Annie


  1. My Hobby Lobby has Morning Glory and Wal-Mart online has it when not sold out. Maybe this will help.
    take care

  2. Love your new creations Annie, you can buy the morning glory five pound bags from walmarts on line now it is only around 12.00 plus like 97 cents shipping.


  3. The upholstery fabric eggs and the placement mat eggs really grabbed my attention...beautiful! Love all the bunnies!

  4. Love your new creations and love the new selection of fabric for the eggs. I am not working on anything right now but am sorting a lot of my fabric so I can find something when I need it. Keep up the good work Annie I love the Bunnies too

  5. Love everything. That bunny did turn out really cute.

  6. I hate to play favorites, but I love the upholstery fabric eggs and the peeps! The eggs are unique like you said, and the peeps look like the real marshmallow yummies. I don't like that silky stuffing either, and it really doesn't give a nice finished product like the others do.
    I like the warm and natural, I pull it apart and there's another one I can't think of the brand but there are some doll making websites where you can find it; they use it, if I think of it I'll let you know.

  7. Annie,
    I love the peeps! They are so cute.
    I recently got 3 boxes of morning glory from walmart.com. It was only 11.47 plus .97 ship per box.
    I must have ordered at just the right time!

  8. AAAhhhh...bunny peeps! Aren't they sweet! I love your pretty Spring creations! ♥


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