Sunday, May 27, 2012

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! And a few photos of this great country!

On this wonderful holiday weekend, I'd like to reflect on this great country...its beauty and the freedom it offers!  We would not have all this if not for the brave men and women who have served to protect her.  Let us honor all those who have served in our military and remember those who are gone. They gave so many giving the ultimate.  And let us not forget those who are currently serving to protect what we have all come to know and love.  I thank you!  

I have had the opportunity to see so much this wonderful country has to offer.  So many of my photos are tucked away in photo albums, but I'd like to share a bit of the beauty I've seen in recent years.  Hope you enjoy...

Above photo,  Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

 This is the most interesting house set in a gorgeous location!  My daughter's friend lives here...near Hailey, Idaho.

 Yellowstone...I've been here about 10 times.  One of my favorite national parks!

Mt. Rushmore...honoring four great men!

 Eagle watching along the Skagit River in northern Washington.  And some photos along the beautiful Skagit River...

Cascades National Park

Grand Coulee Dam...eastern Washington.

Palouse Falls, eastern Washington.

A fairly new "look" along the highways of America.

Mt. Baker, Washington

Devil's Churn along the Oregon Coast

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon

Beautiful Hawaii!

The Badlands of South Dakota.

The beautiful blue water of Lake Chelan in central Washington.

An old pedestrian bridge stretching across the Chelan River.

Old barn among the shadows of the Cascade Mountains.

Beautiful little country church!

Summertime at Snoqualmie Falls!

Wintertime...a frozen over Snoqualmie Falls!

View of Seattle from one of the many ferries crossing Puget Sound everyday!

One of those ferries.

I love this city!  Seattle Space Needle.

A faint Mt. Hood in the background...near Portland, Oregon.

One of the many tulips farms in the beautiful Skagit Valley!

And let us not forget the freedom to express ourselves...

 Dick and Jane's Spot, Ellensburg, WA

 Dinosaur Town, Granger, WA. There are dozens of life size dinosaurs everywhere you turn in this town!

I love the murals on those old down town buildings!

 One of those quirky roadside attractions...Driggs, Idaho.  I LOVE them!

I grew up in eastern North Carolina and my husband's job has moved us from there to Alabama, Utah and now Washington state.  Having lived in the different areas, and making numerous cross country trips back home to North Carolina, I have had the opportunity to have traveled much of this country.  I still have yet to visit the New England states and Alaska!  But through all the traveling, I have learned that there is so much beauty to see and so many interesting people to meet in this great country!  Being a victim of World World II, with my family immigrating here from Poland in 1950,  I feel so fortunate to call this land HOME!  I hope you have enjoyed visiting a small corner of America!


  1. Hello, Happy Memorial Day, God Bless The U.S.A. I`m not an American but love the red,white and blue,really enjoyed your pictures, I want to visit some of those places, beautiful scenery.Thanks for sharing, Blessings Francine.

  2. Happy Memorial Day Annie! I love all the photo's. Beautiful places I hope to see a couple of them someday. Thanks for sharing. Colleen

  3. I love all your wonderful pics of our great country! Thank you so much for sharing! So many beautiful places here in the states!!


  4. I love your photos Annie! Thanks for posting them. You and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  5. What beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Memorial Day!

  6. Fabulous photos Annie! This is a great nation! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your holiday weekend!

  7. Annie...
    Your photos of this great nation are breathtaking! I feel as if I have seen each site even if it was through your eyes or lens. Happy Memorial Day to you and your loved ones!

    -Darlene xxoo

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos of places I'll probably never see in person!!!

    Have a great week!!!
    Have your cleaning done??? What... one more week???



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