Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in the New Year!

Happy new year everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed ringing in the new year!  We went to dinner, then came home and watched a movie until it was time to watch the fireworks from Seattle's Space Needle.  Can't believe we've been doing this for twelve years now.  We moved here in 2000 and have enjoyed sitting in the warmth of our family room watching this on TV every new year's eve since.  However, I DO have it on my bucket list to go to the Seattle Center and watch this spectacular show in person...ONE DAY!

We are looking forward to the new year.  Our daughter is getting married in June and we are hoping to have lots of family come out from around the country.  So I expect a very busy six months ahead planning the wedding with my daughter, working in my home and yard, and getting my body in shape for all those photos! LOL!  With all I plan to do, you probably won't see much of me or my primitives until late summer.  I don't plan to quit sewing completely, but I won't be listing as much...and only listing what is already made.  I will miss my normal activity and all the interaction with my customers, but I plan to be back full force in August.

I DID want to share one last project I made back before Christmas.  This is a Christmas ornament I made for my daughter.  She works for the Seattle Times and is a big sports fan.  So I took a clear flat shaped glass ornament (I preferred this shape over the round ball shape) and used the sports section from the Times to make her ornament.  I liked the red in the gave it more of a Christmas feel.  I made sure to get in key elements on the ornament, such as the Seahawks, Mariners and the date of the paper.  This way she will always know what year I made it.  I finished it off with a light coating of glass glitter and some silver accents.  I love how it turned out and Katie loved it as well. 

I ripped significant pieces and head lines from the sports section and used Mod Podge to glue all the pieces on, making sure the entire ornament was covered.  Once it was completely dry, I coated it with Mod Podge again and sprinkled the glass glitter on.  After that dried, I made the bow and accents using three different ribbons.  I used one of the ribbons as a hanger, too.  I chose the red side for the front and below is the back side.

I bought her a nice large decorative ornament box from Jo-Ann's.  

The newspaper ornament went in her stocking, but I also made the ornament below for the both of them and put it in the box along with a couple of other handmade Christmas pieces I had bought from craft shows.  The photo is from their "Save the Date" they sent out recently.

 I then wrapped the whole box and put it under the tree.  So when we take down the tree in the next couple of days, she will have a nice ornament box to put all HER ornaments in for their first tree together next year....ornaments from since she was a baby.  My tree will seem a little barer next year, but their tree will have a very nice start!

I've begun my first major "home" my craft room.  It's amazing how bad it can get in just a few months, when I get busy with orders.  I recently sold a couple of things off my web site that I couldn't even find!  It took me a couple of days and lots of frustration before I finally found them!  So I don't want THAT happening again!  I'm also going through tons of craft supplies from years ago...trying to figure out if I can use or need to finally depart with!  I'm amazed at some of the things I had totally forgotten about.  It's been kind of fun going through everything.

Well, not sure when I'll be back.  Until then, hope you all have a healthy, prosperous and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  ~~Annie


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours......Oh a June wedding, how fun, love the ornament, how thoughtful of you......Happy Cleaning, Francine.

  2. Hello Anne, what a sweet gift for your daughter, and congrats to her on her wedding this year.

    LOL on cleaning the craft room and organizing supplies, the never ending job of our profession

    Wishing you a wonderful year, good luck with all the wedding planning

  3. Wow Annie you have a load on your plate for the new year!!
    Happy to hear about your daughter's upcoming wedding. She looks just like you, beautiful!
    LOVE your ornament!
    Best to you in 2013!!

  4. Annie,
    Please don't be gone too long.
    I'll miss you. Have fun planning Katie's wedding. I'll be doing the same for my Kate soon. I love your ornament idea!
    Hugs to you, and Happy New Year.

  5. Looking forward to pictures of Wedding Showers and other things you will be doing and of course the Wedding too.
    I just did the same thing and went through my sewing area and am going to be parting with a lot of stuff that I know I will just never use. I will list some in my blog and then of course will have a moving sale the end of March or first of April and YES...plans are to go back up North by Family and Doctors and everything else we miss. Our wonderful Landlord passed away last week and we miss him a lot...time to move on. I KNOW this will be our LAST move..Just not in me any more to pack and load and organize all over again. Hope you have a great year Annie..wishing you and your family the best ever

  6. Happy new year for you and your family.hugs.


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