Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

I'm feeling so good right now!  After 3-1/2 months of non-stop sewing and stuffing, I can officially put away the scissors and the sewing machine!  I got the last of my orders out today and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest!  But it's like this every year, and I'm not complaining, by any means.  It just feels good to be able to clean my home of all my sewing and crafting supplies, clear my dining room of all my shipping supplies, and finally finish decorating!

Yesterday, I had a small window of opportunity to work on my outside decorations.  The rains have come to the Pacific Northwest, so if I see even a hint of sun out there, I'm definitely going to take advantage of it.  I have some rustic woodsy trees that sit in a corner of my front porch.  The two larger trees I added red lights to one and green lights to the other back when I bought them.  And then I have a set of three smaller trees in different heights that came with white lights already on them.  So, when I went to plug them in yesterday, four of the five trees were all burned out!  GEEZ!  Now tell me, have you ever been able to fix a set of lights by replacing those itty bitty fuses that go into the plug?  Not me!  And I had no luck yesterday!  So I took a trip down to my local hardware store and picked up some new lights.  Took off the sets to the two large tree and replaced those.  Well, that was pretty easy, as those were the lights that I had added myself.  And then I started working on the medium sized tree of the smaller set.  Now these lights were pre-strung when I bought them.  And let me tell you...whoever strung those lights on those little trees WAS NOT PAID ENOUGH!  I have never seen lights twisted around branches and cords braided in and out of each other and attached to this little tree the way these lights were.  I finally got my wire cutters and needle nose pliers and began cutting away at the strand piece by piece.  You should have seen the pile sitting there on my front porch by the time I was finished!  I must have spent a good hour or more getting them off.   When I finally finished, I took a look at the other tree with the burned out lights.  It was larger than the tree I had just finished.  Needless to say, I did NOT attempt to take the burned out lights off this tree.  I just added the good set to it along with the bad set.  No one will ever be the wiser!  LOL!

The hardware store I went to is a local store that has been around these parts for decades.  They had the sweetest display when you walked into the store and I had to snap a picture!  That's it at the top.  I would LOVE to have a couple of those rockers on my porch!

And wanted to show you some stuff I have listed on eBay.  I've been going through some bins from my craft show days years ago.  I'm selling these in large lots, which means great prices.


I have these and much more listed on eBay this week.  Thanks for dropping by today!  Hope you're all having a stress free season so far!   Happy December!  ~~Annie

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