Friday, January 2, 2009

H*A*P*P*Y N*E*W Y*E*A*R!!

I sure hope everyone had a safe and fun new year's celebration! I also wish for everyone of you a wonderful, safe and healthy 2009! Our new year's celebration was like any other night. I sat here stuffing ornies while David sat in his recliner dozing. Katie went out to the U District to celebrate with some of her friends that go to the University of Washington. We called Justin and Sean down just before midnight and we all watched on TV the fireworks display at the Space Needle. One of these days we are going to go there and see it in person...maybe!! I tend to enjoy it, though, in the comfort of my warm home! LOL No crowds, no traffic jams, no rain!

Well, I'm only a week or so away from the grand opening of OLDEANNIEPRIMITIVES.COM, my website for selling my handmade primitives. I have been spending every possible minute sewing and stuffing. I just need to finish up all these projects, take my pics and list them all. Then I will have my web builder switch it over and officially open it! So make sure to check back!

Katie leaves today to head back to Bellingham. She is out picking up her snow skis that she got for Christmas. Had to take them in to get the bindings put on and her ski boots molded to her feet. She was SO excited to get those this year! I will miss her once she leaves, though I really need to get in my craft room to organize. I have a bed in there for her to sleep while she's home, since she no longer has her own bedroom. She said she didn't mind giving up her bedroom to her little brother and letting me turn his room into my craft room. However, she tends to make little comments about my booting her out. It's jokingly, but sometimes I feel bad about taking her bedroom away.

Now, to take down those Christmas decorations and get my house back to normal. Not an easy task and by no means a fun task. But a necessary task!

So, I have made a couple of new year's resolutions and I hope by posting them here, it will help me KEEP them this year. First, I truly want to live healthier this year. That includes a lot of little things. For so many years I've made the resolution to loose weight. And of course, it never works. So this year I'm changing my way of thinking. I want to eat healthier, change some of my "lazy" habits and try to get more sleep. We'll see how it goes. And the second thing -- I really want to simplify and organize! Simplifying may not be an easy task since I am in the midst of starting my own little website business. However, I CAN organize and get rid of the clutter. I would love to go through every drawer, cabinet, closet and room in my house. Get rid of what I don't need, clean what I keep. If I can accomplish that, then I will be simplifying at the same time. So, with that motto for this year:

Simply your life...then commit to what remains!

So's wishing each and everyone of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~~Annie


  1. Hey, Annie I know you have really been busy,but if you get the chance, can you visit my blog? I have something for you.


  2. Hey girl, Wishing you and your sweet family the best year ever. I will be emailing ya ok. thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you for your sweet words regarding my family. They are the air I breath for sure.
    Take care Annie!!!!

  3. Hey, Annie, I have something else for you on my blog. You need to get over there and get it, girl! LOL Talk later.



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