Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank You To My Wonderful Prim Sisters!

These "Thank You's" are LONG overdue and I feel so bad that I haven't done this sooner! I am so blessed to be a member of three fantastic Ebay Groups, and I have met some wonderful and talented ladies on them. We have so much fun chatting with each other, playing games, participating in different contests, and having fun ornie exchanges. Recently I have received some amazing creations from a few of my friends in these groups.

I received this adorable snow angel doll and this cutest little penguin in an ice skate ornie from an amazing artist in my Prim Ladies of America group. Pat, of ahl*cooped*up, sent these treasures to me through an ornie exchange. She is a truly talented artist who makes some of the most amazing primitives! Make sure to visit her on her Ebay site! Thank you so much, Pat!

We had a voluntary group ornie exchange in my Crazy Ladies Primitives group. I believe there were eight of us who participated. I was so excited to receive my box and open all the fabulous ornies that were inside. I arranged these prim ornies in an old bucket and sat it on my fireplace hearth right next to my chair. I enjoyed these beautiful creations each and every day during the holidays! Thank you so much, ladies! You can find some wonderful creations for sell from all these ladies at our Crazy Ladies Primitives group site, opening very soon!

As I said, I have met some wonderful friends in these groups. One has become a telephone friend that I love chatting with. Connie, in my Crazy Ladies Primitives group, sent me a room spray that is absolutely "to die for". She makes the most fabulous candles, tarts, room sprays, auction templates, and much more. Although her web site is under construction at the moment, you can find all her fabulous items at her Ebay store, Ye Olde Candle Cubbard. Thank you, Connie, for this wonderful gift!
My friends must realize how much I love room sprays! Dena, a most talented and sweet lady, and the moderator of our group, Crazy Ladies Primitives, also sent me the most wonderfully scented room spray as a gift. She, too, makes and sells these highly scented sprays, as well as the best smellin' hips 'n sticks potpourri in every fragrance imaginable! You can find Dena's creations in her store, Piney Woods Primitives, as well as on ebay! Thank you so much, Dena! I have enjoyed it so much!

And now, my most recent gift came from a very talented artist in my Prim Ladies of America group. I was most fortunate to win a posting contest in that group and as a result received these fabulous creations from Colleen of Colleen's Craft Shed! She is also the moderator of this wonderful group. I was so excited to receive and open my box! Just look at all the goodies! In her store she sells some of the cutest auction templates, as well as some beautiful primitive creations. Thank you, Colleen! I can't wait to put my bunny out for Spring!

Thank you ALL, ladies. You are all such talented and creative artists! I will keep these items on display in my craft room year round so I can be reminded of each and everyone of you! ~~Annie


  1. Hi Annie, I thought I would drop by and say hi and say I like your blog. Also a big thank you for your sweet words about my sprays and hips. I really enjoy making those. As for the clprim group. I love being the ldeader of this group. Yall are all so amazing as friends and as artist. I am so happy that you girls are in my life. Have a blessed day and keep up this awesome blog girl!

  2. Thank you girl! You are so sweet! You do fantastic work and make the best smellin' sprays. Gotta come back for some of your hips, next. So far as the wouldn't be the great group it is if it weren't for you!


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