Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LISTS, LISTS, LISTS! name is Annie...and I am a list maker. Yes, I am admitting that I have a problem and that I do need help! I have come to the conclusion that while my laundry may sit in a basket for days before folding or while my pots and pans from last night aren't washed yet and that it took me till January 19th to get my Christmas tree down (and a darn ugly one at that!), I do have my one accomplishment -- my lists! You may say, "I make lists, too!" Why sure you lists...Christmas lists...even those "To Do" lists. We all need a list now and then.

However, I have gotten so bad I now make lists within a list! List making has gotten too easy now that we have computers. I can sort, alphabetize, even highlight what I have accomplished on my lists. I came to this conclusion last night as I was rummaging through a large basket that sits beside my bedroom chair. Beneath the huge pile of old Taste of Home and Country Living magazines I pulled out a thin, rose colored notebook. I carefully wiped off the dust that covered the outer edges and proceeded to open it. I immediately felt an inner rush, if not a bit of nostalgia. This notebook was my "List Book" from another era. A time when lists were carefully and neatly printed on notebook paper. Long before computers and Blackberries. A time when the word "laptop" meant "a place for my cat to sit while I recline in front of the TV." And as I soon discovered, a time when we decorated in such fashionable colors as "Mauve" and "Williamsburg Blue" and "Hunter Green". That book took me back to a day when my mortgage was half what it is now. When we actually ate "Hamburger Helper" for dinner! And when "Cell Phone" was not listed on my "Monthly Expenses" list!

My, how things have changed! But I haven't changed much when it comes to list making. I've only become much more detailed and much more organized -- in print, that is! Yes, I do have a problem. As I gently closed my "mauve" notebook, I thought, "I need to add 'Clean out basket beside bedroom chair' to my TO DO list!"

So if you're wondering why I haven't finished cleaning my craft room and posting my "After" pics...well...I really need to go make a list on what needs to be finished in there! ~~Annie

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