Sunday, January 18, 2009

Those Craft Room Blues!!

I finally broke down and decided to do something with that room I so call my "craft room"! It was once my youngest son, Justin's room. Well, I (and my family) got tired of my crafts being scattered around the WHOLE house (bet a few of you can relate). So I finally decided SOMETHING had to be done!! I mean...when was the last time my family sat at the dinner table for a nice relaxing, conversation filled meal? Well, I DID clean it off for Christmas! But by the next day...!!

At one point my living room served as my shipping headquarters, my dining room was my sewing area. One long kitchen counter was my staining and painting station and my kitchen table was my tracing and cutting area. Not to mention where all my supplies were!!! PAAALEEEEZE!!! So back before Christmas I decided it was time to boot my daughter, Katie, out of her bedroom. I mean the girl's at college, has her own bedroom up there, makes it home maybe once a month. Come on...that nice big bedroom was just going to waste! So I moved Justin in there, along with his little pool/ping pong/foosball table that once graced the middle of our loft!! And I moved all my craft STUFF up to his old room. Of course I had to keep a bed in there for when Katie came home from college. Now, keep in mind it was right before Christmas (not like I had anything ELSE I needed to do). So things "kinda" got THROWN in there. Of course I had to leave a pathway for Katie to sleep in there while she was home for Christmas break. Okay brace yourselves! This is what it looked like before Christmas! Needless to say, not a lot of crafting got done up there. Well, I've spent the last week working up there and it's starting to take shape. These are my BEFORE pictures. (I can't believe I'm doing this!) Stay tuned for my AFTER pictures!

So, how many of you are saying right now "Gee, I don't feel so bad about my own craft room!" LOL


  1. OMG!!! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!! Seriously, I love you for revealing yourself like this! I saw SO MANY of my items in your room! REALLY! Like that black lamp...Got it...the small parts storage...Got it...and I won't even go in the direction of the AMOUNTS of stuff...GOT THAT TOO!!! I don't know if I can be as brave as you are! And yes, I AM in the SAME situation as you, and am currently trying to get myself organized, only I do NOT have to worry about a bed! But everything ELSE is in here with the crafts! Yuck!

    Have I mentioned that I LOVE YOU?!?!?! ;)

  2. Hello :) this is my first visit to your blog and site... wow! I just love your website, the colors and all the goodies you have. Great job!
    LOL at the craft room, yep been there done that (although you definetly have more space than me)
    Take care,

  3. Annie, how did you get in my house and take pictures? LOL!! I think at some point and time, EVERY craft room looks like this. Mine did and I cleaned it up and organized (somewhat). However, now I can't find anything!!! I don't remember where I put stuff. Oh well, it will look good for a day or so anyway!! I want to see after pictures too!!

  4. Annie, I have a couple more awards for you! Come by my blog and pick them up when you get a chance, please.


  5. OMG, my main craft room looks just like that!!! I have taken over the garage and 2 bedrooms and the home office with my


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