Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it spring yet?

Wow...I sure have not been in the mood to write lately...or even READ, for that matter! I think it's those mid winter blues setting in. We actually saw a peek of sunshine this week and I was out in my yard cutting away dead branches. But that didn't last long. So I'm back inside looking at many unfinished projects that really need finishing up. I started a kitchen project back before Thanksgiving. I'm getting a little tired of seeing my wallpaper border dangling halfway down the wall. But that's as far as I got before the Christmas rush set in. So, what's my excuse now? Someone help me out here for I just can't come up with a good one! But if I wait long enough, maybe those warm spring days will get here and I can get out in my garden. Then I won't have to look at my unfinished projects...only the dead plants, grown over weeds and broken branches. But I'll take pulling weeds to painting walls ANY day!

I HAVE been busy trying to get Easter and spring projects made for my store. Just finished up a few ornies that I've posted at Olde Annie Primitives. So, it's not like I've been sitting here eating bon bons and watching Soaps all day! I actually eat my bon bons with the TV off!

Here's a few of my new ornies just posted! Click on photos for more details.


  1. Love all your new ornies, Annie. You have really been a busy girl! They are all just so precious!


  2. Annie, I love the bunnies! I am so ready for spring!!


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