Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay...I know those of you who may have visited me in the last few days are probably saying "Does this lady not have anything BETTER to do with her time?" Well, unfortunately, yes, I do! And unfortunately it didn't get done today! But I'm just so excited and FINALLY satisfied with the way my blog looks. Of course I need to give credit where credit is due. First of all I got this beautiful background and header off of the most fantastic blog, Paisley Cat Scraps. If you haven't visited her blog before, make sure to go over there and check out all the wonderful freebies and fantastic tips and instructions she has to offer. The background and header I chose is a freebie collection from DigiScrapbooking. Thank you! Thank you!

But I must admit I didn't arrive here on my own, for I do have a partner in crime! And she has unleashed the beast in me! I have met a lovely lady here in blog world and if it weren't for the fact that we don't look anything alike and we have a few years between us, we both would have feared our parents failed to tell us we had a twin at birth! This lovely lady is Robin of Robin's Rest. She is a most talented lady facing many of the same creative and organizational issues I'm facing right now. She does absolutely beautiful work, but unfortunatley she isn't showcasing her talent anywhere at the moment. (Get to work, Robin!) But make sure to check out some of her fantastic past creations. She will soon be featuring her items on her new blog -- coming VERY soon! So make sure to check back with her!

Robin's patience was tested today, holding my hand and guiding me through the process of making these changes to my blog, as well as offering advice on other issues on and with my computer. She is a wealth of knowledge and I have learned so much from her. Thank you Robin...I am slowly getting there.

As far as those things that didn't get done today...well... there is always tomorrow!


  1. Annie, I love your new look! I agree with you there is always another day for other things. LOL

  2. Awwwww....Annie, you are just toooooo sweet!!! You should call yourself Sweet Annie Prims! Oops, I'd better keep my mouth shut, or we'll be on the phone for several MORE hours, redoing everything!

    I thank you So Much for all the compliments and the links to me, my pics, and my site! You are a doll, and I will have to reciprocate later today!

    What do you MEAN we do NOT look alike??? Did I send you the wrong pics??? I thought we had a LOT of features that could be melded into one or another parent....our hair color, our eye color, our "silly" look on film, amidst a bunch of other qualities, such as our talents!

    I guess you are really gonna make me get SOMETHING listed on that other blog, before you get the WHOLE world wondering all about me! LOL!

    Thanks, dear! Truly, my heart is filled with much Gratitude!


  3. Annie,
    I love your blog girl! So pretty. Now you got me thinking on my blog. lol. Your such an imspiration. Have I told you that lately? lol Have a blessed weekend my friend. Rest for a day. lol.


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