Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Items Listed!

Finally got a few more goodies posted in my store. Above is an Americana gathering using an old 3-cup sifter. Stars are made from some of my homespun plaids and the cream one is from a quilted muslin fabric. All stained and baked. I've added some sweet annie and pip berries.
I've also added a few more sets of ornies. For those horse lovers out there, I've come up with a really neat set of horse shoe tucks. They look nice and rusty. They are made from unbleached muslin, stained and baked and then colorwashed in a chocolate brown. I sprinkled a little cinnamon on them before baking dry. They have some rusty star garland wrapped around a portion of them. I'm selling these in sets of 5 and 3.
And then I've added a couple more sets of Easter tucks. First is a set of 3 primitive chocolate Easter bunnies. These look good enough to eat. These are made from unbleached muslin. And then there's a set of flat Easter egg tucks made from a pretty cutter quilt filled with blue cotton prints. Click on any of the pics for more details. Still have that special going on through the end of this month -- free shipping if you purchase two or more sets of ornies. Those are my specialty and I have many to choose from; so head over there and check 'em out! Thanks for visiting! ~~Annie


  1. OMG!!! Those Chocolate Bunnies and the FLATSY EGGS are Great!!! Geez, you inspire me to get this room put together in a hurry! I may just have to blow the dust off my sewing machine and STOP collecting fabrics and actually START using them for something other than real estate! LOL!
    OH! That reminds me...I bought & died a ton of cheesecloth, but what the heck for? Well, now I KNOW! LOL! I love your items, Annie! You have the same tastes I do, and it isn't UGLY BUNNIES! Hehehe!


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