Monday, March 9, 2009

Saturday Morning Flea Market

Okay ladies...we now have daylight saving's time behind us, and believe me...I certainly felt it this morning! But the days ARE getting longer, we have that extra hour of sunshine in the afternoon, and spring is less than two weeks away. So who's itching to get out and start that Saturday morning ritual? I know I am! I love those weekend yard sales, flea markets and farmer's markets. Not to mention slipping in to one of my favorite antique shops along the way.

Well...I've decided to get a jump on the flea markets and hope you will join me. Starting this Saturday, I will be offering up here a Saturday morning stroll through Olde Annie's Flea Market. Stop by to see my latest "rags to riches" creation(s) from a flea market find. No telling what you might find here, but you can be sure it'll be a "new finish from an old beginning"! Of course, you can drop by on any day to see what I've offered at my Saturday morning flea markets, but if you don't grab it may not be there tomorrow!

Hope to see ya' Saturday! ~~Annie

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sooner had I posted this, I heard my son yelling down from upstairs to "LOOK OUTSIDE"! Low and behold, here's what I saw!

So much for that extra hour of sun THIS afternoon! UGH!

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  1. Ha! Ha! Ha!!!!
    I know the pain! We had such WONDERFUL Temps over here on the other side of the country, but the days were horribly overcast!

    I've been on the hunt...for what? "track" shelving. One has to ask, WHY this should be so hard to find, but it isn't just that, it is the PRICES!!!

    Oh well, so much for Spring!


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