Saturday, March 14, 2009

A New Finish!

Good Saturday morning! I had hoped to get this on here last night. But when I went to take my picture, my poor camera died on me. So it was off to my local Walgreens this morning to pay a pretty price for those expensive camera batteries. It was so hard getting out of bed, too...the rain was coming down so hard and I could hear the pitter patter on the gutter at the corner of my bedroom. Now that's a change...I grew up enjoying the pitter patter of a tin roof. MY children's memories will be rain and the "gutter"! LOL!

Well I promised a new end from an old beginning. It's been a busy week and I've had a few special orders to work on, but I did get this finished up. I found this old oversized BALL mason jar at a local thrift store. It still had it's wonderful old screw-on lid! And what better thing to fill it up with...! So I spent the week rolling rag balls in my spare time. The jar is filled with 10 rag balls made from 10 different homespun fabrics. I've decorated it quite simple by tying around the top three different strips of homespun and a strip of stained cheese cloth and by adding a large rusty heart that's attached to a coiled rusty wire. This jar is just over 9 inches tall! The price of this piece is $19.95, which includes travelling fare to your home. If you're interested in purchasing, just drop me an email through my contact button over to the right.

I had hoped to get a couple of other "old to new" things finished this week...but, well, it was just one of those weeks. I DID get out on Tuesday and found a few neat things. I've decided to work on some of those for next week's flea market. Here's a few of the things below. So make sure to check back to see what these will become! Thanks for dropping by...I'd love to hear your comments! ~~Annie

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