Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is just TOO eerie!


Last week while I was typing up the post a couple down from here, my son yelled down to tell me it was snowing. I had just posted about spring just around the corner, so I decided to take a couple of pictures and show you all that we were no where near spring! I posted one of those pictures below. However, when I pulled this picture up I immediately got this strange, eerie feeling as I looked at it. I couldn't post it at the time and have debated whether to post it now. But I just have to share this for I find it both amazing and strange.

Make sure to click on it to enlarge it! I have done absolutely NOTHING to this picture except to size it to download to my blog. It was taken from by back door that overlooks my deck. I refused to go back out to see if I could see what may have caused it. I don't know why...maybe for fear I would NOT see anything that could have caused this or explain its appearance. Or maybe because I was just frozen to my chair. So tell YOU see it? The image of a man's face in the bush?

That very afternoon my husband was headed on a jet down to central Oregon for an overnight trip. Part of me wanted to call him and beg him not to go. Another part of me was saying it's nothing...that would be silly. I refused to say anything to anyone about it until after he returned safely. And it wasn't until after he returned that I realized something that made me shiver even more! --- This is my Burning Bush!


  1. Annie,

    That is way eerie!!! I saw the blur at first glance. I'm just like you I would have never gone outside to see what it was.


  2. Annie....You're handsewing way too much hon...put the needle down! LOL!

    I am the one with the Intuition, ya know, but alas, that is weird, and I am like Retha, as I saw the BLUR the minute I looked at the pic, but the fact that it is in a Burning Bush??? Hmmmm...makes ya wonder, huh!

  3. Annie,
    That is so eerie! Makes you wonder.


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