Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ornies! Ornies! Ornies!

Well, do you think I have a large enough stock pile of ornies?!?! Since I specialize in ornies and tucks for all seasons and holidays, and making gatherings and such with them, I am constantly trying to come up with ideas for new and unique ornies. I have a wonderful friend who helps me sew and stuff many of them. And when I get an idea for a new gathering or when someone purchases some of my ornies, it's so nice to be able to pull out a set that's already sewn up and ready to stain and paint. But lately I just haven't been in that crafting mood. I guess good weather and yard work have given way to staining and painting ornies, so my stock pile has not been shrinking much!

However, I DID get one project finished up today...and tucked a couple of my homespun stars in it! So that's TWO less out of the pile! But guess I have a ways to go!
Anyway, I made up this Uncle Sam hat table topper. This is a very nice rustic Americana gathering. It's about 17 inches tall and filled with sweet annie, pip berries, Spanish moss...as well as my two homespun stars and a grungy little American flag. You can find this piece over on my website in the Americana category.
I'm also working on some cute little dragon flies and will post pictures as soon as I finish them. Hope to get a few more Americana items made up this week. That is if the weather stays rainy like it is now. If it's pretty on Thursday, I'm planning a little trip that I'll share with you when I get back. Should have some great pictures if it's pretty. See 'ya later! ~~Annie


  1. Love the table topper! You are so creative...love seeing what you come up with!

  2. Hi Annie...well i would say you got a pile there...but that is a good thing to
    have when you need them...your table topper is awesome...great job...can't wait to see the rest when you get them done...and to see what kind of trip you taken this time...
    Have a great day...
    Prim Blessings...


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