Monday, April 13, 2009

Some ornies and tucks!

Seems I go through "spurts" when it comes to sewing and creating. So I'm quite proud of myself for finishing up a few items and also working on my Americana today! I finished up a few ornies/tucks and have five different Americana projects in the works. Most just need some finishing touches. But I wanted to post my ornies/tucks. The rest will have to wait until Wednesday because tomorrow my hubby and I are headed to the home opener of our Seattle Mariners baseball team.

We (more he than me) are big sports fans. (Hey...I grew up with six brothers, so I can't help but to love sports!) However, I won't deny it...I'm a fair weather fan. If they're doing well, then I'm interested. If they're not, I could care less! One problem I have, though, (and this is with ANY team that I really want to win), if it's a close game, I get too nervous and can't watch the game. I get a lot of crafting done on those nights for I lock myself in my craft room, radio blaring so I can't hear the tube OR my hubby, and then hope for the best. We're off to a good start this year, and hopefully we'll do well tomorrow, for I won't be able to retreat to my craft room! LOL!

So, today I finished up my lady bug tucks shown up top. This is a new pattern and the first ones I've made. I really like how they turned out! Also made up some daisies. I did these last year and was really slow to make them this year. I've REALLY been in a funk when it comes to sewing! But I love these tucks...they are so cheerful looking!

Also made up some new Uncle Sam hats. These are a little different this year, as I could no longer find the star fabric or the red striped fabric I used last year. Didn't quite finish my Uncle Sam heads. Those are really fun. Have some past ones shown over to the right in the sidebar.
And I made up a few more cardinals. These are a sweet and simple little bird and great to add to wreaths, hang from a tree or for those who decorate in birdhouse themes.

All my creations can be found on my website and these tucks, as well as many (and eventually all) my ornies and tucks can be found in my Etsy "ornies and tucks" shop.

Anyway...just wanted to share what I've been working on today. Will be back when I'm done with my Americana! And now....

take me out to the ballgame.....!


  1. Love those ladybugs! They are my favorite!!


  2. You work is awesome! I have given you a award check my blog

  3. Oh Annie everything looks awesome girl...I love it all...great job..
    Prim Blessings...

  4. Everything is sew cute....great job!
    That is wild, you being from Lagrange! We are not in "downtown"....really closer to Kinston.
    My uncle lives in Belvue really is a small world! Beth


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