Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Elusive Dragonfly and Childhood Memories!

Isn't it funny how a simple little picture can stir up such a memory! Or it could be a song or even an aroma! As I sat here and looked at these dragonflies it brought back memories of a simpler time. A time when I use to run barefoot through the clover. That's right, clover. While our yard was always kept nice and tidy, there was no concern whether the grass was always green or free of weeds. No seeding or weeding was ever done. What grew there, grew. And when the summer sun started beating down, there were no lawn sprinklers there to keep it green. Mother nature took it's course in our yard and my parents never interfered. However, the garden and my mom's flowers were a different story. Rain water was collected in huge drums and vegetables and flowers never went thirsty. But back to the dragonflies...

My mom never owned a clothes dryer and we had the outside clothes line that stretched the entire length of our backyard. To my mom it was a place to chat with the neighbors while hanging endless rows of towels and sheets. To me it was the monkey bar to turn flips on or to try the occasional "chin up". It was also the perfect perch for those ever elusive dragonflies. What was the fascination with these little creatures? Was it the thrill of the hunt? Or was it my desire to hold something so beautiful, yet so fragile. No, they weren't as fragile as the beautiful butterfly, and by no means as graceful. Although there was beauty in every single butterfly, they were quite plentiful in my mom's vast array of flowers. But there was something special when we saw the dragonfly.

It's been years since I've seen a dragonfly. I live in a different part of the country and maybe they aren't as abundant out here. Or maybe it's just I don't have the perfect perch for them as my mom did. I miss those elusive little creatures. And I miss those carefree days of running through the clover. Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a photograph can bring back a flood of childhood memories! ~~Annie

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  1. Harley is so cute!! Our Gabbie, who looks like your Trixie, is the same way with our other cat. We had one like her before also and she was grumpy. I think it is the female tabby in them. It's funny how they develop a pecking order isn't it. Enjoy Harley--he too precious. Have a good day.


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