Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet the Newest Member to our Family!

Meet Harley! This little bundle of a fur ball is our new little kitty! We adopted him from the animal shelter today. Isn't he so sweet! He's four months old and a whopping 3 pounds. He took to his surroundings very well and was into everything for the first hour he was here. Then he found this little spot on top of the couch and decided it was time to take a nap. He has the LOUDEST purr I have ever heard. It rumbles like a motorcycle, thus the name Harley! He has loved exploring his new home and has now gotten himself up into my husband's recliner! Oh, Harley!

Harley joins his big sister Trixie. She has been the queen of her domain for well over a year and didn't take too kindly to Harley. She has hissed, clawed at me and my son, and has had nothing to do with any of us all day. She is now just sitting here staring at this little unwelcomed creature that has decided to interrupt her happy home. But maybe, with a little more time, she will welcome our little addition. The picture below tells all!

She is NOT a happy camper! ~~Annie


  1. One very cute kitty...and one very cute but not so happy kitty!! Her look does say it all!! LOL... I'm sure given some time that she will love Harley.

  2. oh what a cute little baby kitty..I have a thing for black kittys and he is just adorable..give your queen a couple of days to adjust and she should come around...have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your new baby..I will be happy to babysit...but just remember you won't get him back...:)

  3. Your little ones are adorable, thanks so much for stopping by and folowing my blog, Have a great weekend, Janna

  4. Love the new kitty Annie! So cute!


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