Sunday, May 31, 2009


First of all, I want to thank you all for the wonderful response to my giveaway. If you haven't already, head over there and sign up for my sunflower gathering! The most exciting thing about having this giveaway is, it has given me an opportunity to discover some new and wonderful blogs that I have never visited before. So that means more reading for me! LOL! And as I read your wonderful comments it really makes me wish I could make up one for each and everyone of you! You ladies have left some of the sweetest comments! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And now I would like to announce that I am having a HUGE SALE on my Olde Annie Primitives website! It starts tomorrow, but I decided to come on here today since I will be busy with my oldest son's birthday tomorrow! (Still haven't shopped or ordered his Cold Stone ice cream cake that he asks for every year!)

Summer is rapidly creeping (is that an oxymoron?) up on us! We have a busy summer planned with out of town family and guests visiting us, our annual summer vacation, weekend excursions and camping trips planned, as well as lots of local day hikes. Busy, busy, busy! So that doesn't leave a lot of time for crafting and sewing. So, I'm hoping to clear out as much as I can during the month of June and close down shop for a few weeks after that. When my site reopens I will be featuring all my fall and Halloween goodies that I so LOVE to make!

So, I'm slashing prices...I want it out of here! Gone! Goodbye! All of my "already made" items will be marked down, many quite drastically. So head on over there starting June 1st to see if there's a deal you can't refuse. ~~Annie


  1. Hey Annie there is a show coming up in Pullayup on june 13, is the junky sisters show..i won't be going as kimmy doesn't want to go and spend money..surprising as that is all she I don't drive that far...but I wanted to let you know about it..they are on my blog roll..check it out...:)

  2. Hi Annie!! I'm thrilled that you popped by my "Quilting Bee" generally I post a new on every Monday.
    Hmmmm - Cary...I loved the area - LOL Containment Area For Relocated Yankees - giggle. I miss Caribou Coffee!!!! I went through a very horrid divorce there and my ex is still there. Southern judge - the whole horrid thing. But....that is also how I ended up out here. Lawyers and Domest.Violence counselors suggested I move far away. So.... we did. Looove it here! SO very glad we did.
    How did you end up out here??
    BTW I just love your work - off to visit your website!
    Blessings, Sarah


I just LOVE receiving your comments and look forward to reading each and everyone! I have discovered some of the most wonderful blogs by reading your comments left here! Thanks so much!