Friday, June 5, 2009

Help! I've Sat-ed and I Can't Get Up!

My, oh my, what a crazy busy week this has been! Tonight was the school carnival at my son's former elementary school. For his last four years there I was either the vice president or president of the PTA. And for those four years it was me and my friend, Shelley, who did just about EVERYTHING on the PTA. This was my son's first year in middle school, but Shelley's kids are still there and SHE is now pretty much the PTA. It's sad that this school has so little volunteer support, but Shelley and I always made sure the students and teachers were well provided for by our PTA, as well as had loads of fun throughout the year!

Anyway...even though my son is no longer there and I am no longer on the PTA board, I still help Shelley with various PTA events. So this whole week was preparing for the annual school carnival! Wednesday it was popping and bagging over 300 bags of popcorn. Thursday we made almost 500 bags of cotton candy! And tonight was the carnival! Three hours of non stop running, not to mention the cleanup afterwards! I am SO, SO tired; and I know that it will be almost imposible to get out of this chair. I'll probably have my son on one side and hubby on the other, lifting me up from here. I am getting WAY too old for this kinda stuff, but then, I AM the one who had a baby at the age of 40! LOL!

But we had a fantastic turnout, great weather (our biggest worry every year!) and no major disasters! LOL! My son enjoyed going back to his old school just so he could dunk his teacher from last year one more time! (He actually dunked him twice! lol!) And of course there was lot's of great junk food, bouncers and fun games. Everything you need to send those kid's home all hyped up!

And now I must CRAWL up those stairs and take me a good long soak in the tub! I definitely deserve it! Calgon...take me away......take me far, far away! ~~Annie


  1. OH Annie , I know how you feel. Having those babies in our 40 is keeping us young!! LOL The carnival looks so fun.

  2. It is a shame the schools don't get more support - good for you for being so helpful.

    Cherries are not quite in season here now so the ones in the stores are small and not so firm. I envy you!! You get the best ones!! Yummo!

  3. It looks like a fun weekend! That's so good of you for helping out your friend in need with the PTA. Hope you enjoyed a good long soak in the tub!
    Blessings~ Birgit


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