Monday, June 29, 2009

Need Your Help Again!

Okay, all did such a wonderful job identifying my nut grinder. So I thought I'd come to you again. I picked up this wonderful piece of holiday pottery at the GW Saturday for $1.99! It's a piece of Lang redware in the Believe pattern. I just love the colors of this pattern. And I love snowmen. So I HAD to have it! But please...what IS it used for?

There's two pieces here and it appears the bowl fits into the crock. There's no lid and I don't think there was a lid, as there is no lip for a lid to sit on.

I have looked for this piece on line, on auctions sites and on the Lang website. I have found other pieces in this pattern but not this particular piece. If this is a simmering pot, how does it work and is it safe to put on a stove top? Does anyone out there know anything about this piece? Thanks so much for your help! ~~Annie


  1. I think it is called a dip chiller or something like that. Put ice in the bottom and your dip in the other one. I have seen them for sale in country sampler. Very cute!

  2. Beth is absolutely right!
    It is a dip chiller. What a great find!

  3. Yep,a dip chiller...a great find for you I can just imagine the price the person paid for it!

  4. I was going to say dip chiller too! VERY cute!!

  5. Oh, shoot! I was going to say dip chiller, too! Some others beat me to it!

    It's cute, though!


  6. It's a dip chiller and a very nice one. What a great holiday find.

  7. Annie,

    I see you've been answered...what a cute piece.


  8. Glad you found out what it was. It's very cute. What a great find. Our GW never seems to have anything like that when I go.

  9. What a nice find. I have one of those and use it for buffets and parties. So nice to be able to put dip on the table and keep it cold. Good job, Dawn

  10. very cute and I had no idea it was a dip chiller..great for the holidays..I love the color..;)


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