Sunday, August 16, 2009

29 Years and Counting!

Wow! Seems like only yesterday! That's me and my hubby, David! We were married in Raleigh, NC on August 16, 1980. Twenty-nine years, four states, three children, two dogs, three cats, many pounds and LOTS of gray hairs later we're still going strong, loving life and loving each other! Like my mama always told me...."he's a good, good man!"

So yesterday was my daughter's birthday and today our anniversary. Katie's due date was actually the 16th, but she decided she wanted her own day and came a day early! LOL!

Today we leave for a week at the Oregon coast. School doesn't start back here until September 3rd, so we still have a little summer left. After the last few weeks I've had, I SO need a vacation! We're camping in a KOA Kabin down in Newport, OR. For years we owned a pop up camper and we've camped in just about every National Park in the western states. We sold it a few years ago when our growing family outgrew it. Now with the kids growing up and moving away, we're starting to look for an RV to use in our "old age" and for our retirement years. But until then, the Kabins are a great alternative. They offer beds (you bring your own linens), electricity, and in many cases, heating and a/c. Hotels are nice for an occasional vacation, but there's nothing more fun to us than getting close to nature, eating outside, and sitting around a campfire! So, until next week....Happy Camping! ~~Annie


  1. Just wanted to say "Happy Anniversary" to ya. Loved all the pictures of your trip. You know what the scenery here is like. Oh well, it's home. Janice-Amy Lynn's Creations

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    ...and Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter :)
    Have a fun time, camping!


  3. Congrats to you both and happy birthday to your daughter! Have a wonderful time on your vacation!

  4. congrats on your wedding look so pretty..we took love newport oregon..we went there on our honeymoon back in 85 and had so much fun..I think that is where Ripleys believe it or not is..and we had the best shrimp bisque at a restaurant..don't remember which one..but it was so good..we saw the sea lion caves would be nice to relive our anniversary again....have a wonderful time..;)

  5. Congrats!! Have a great trip!!

  6. Happy anniversary! Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

    I hope you have a wonderful camping trip!


  7. Oh my, what a darling couple you made!!! He looks so proud and happy and you look like a storybook bride, so beautiful! Congrats on 29 years together, and have fun at the Kabin!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Katie! Have fun on your vacation, talk to ya when you get back! Hugs! Chris

  9. Oh, my! That is wonderful. Congratulations. I do envy your camping in a cabin vacation. It sounds delightful and serene.....
    Love your last vacation pictures.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love Oregon, coming out there in a few weeks!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  11. Happy anniversary. I know what you mean about the time. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, and other times, well.....not so much. Have a great camping trip. I'm sure you will come back all refreshed and ready to go.

  12. Happy Anniversary!! My mom introduced to me to my hubby and he is a good good man too. I'll keep him for another 34 years!

    Have a wonderful vacation. I grew up camping and we often used KOA campgrounds. We started with a pop up camper too and we camped cross country for 6 weeks in it. 4 kids and 2 adults!! My parents were saints!!

    The kabin sounds like fun! Enjoy!

    hugs, Linda

  13. Hi Annie,
    Happy Anniversary! We celebrate our 30th on September 1st. Have a great time camping!

  14. Hi Annie,
    Congrats to you and hubby....My husband and I celebrated our 32 this year!!! Have a wonderful vacation!

  15. 38 years for me and my husband!! Congrats to you!

  16. Happy Anniversary to you and your dh and special birthday wishes for your daughter!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  17. Congratulations....we just celebrated 30 years in May. Funny, you're wedding attire looks a lot like mine! LOL And we too are starting to look for some kind of RV (probably a fifth wheel) for retirement. And we swear by KOA campgrounds. And we are both from eastern NC now living in SC. Weird, huh?


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