Friday, August 21, 2009

Greetings from the Oregon Coast!

Our last night's been a wonderful, relaxing week. David is fixing a fire so we can roast weenies and then a few marshmellows. I'm sitting on the porch of the kabin and I can see camp fires starting up throughout the park. Straight ahead is Alsea Bay. I can hear the call of the seagulls flying overhead and the rumbling of the RV's pulling into the campground. My youngest son has made friends with the campground owner's son, as well as another camper who will be here until Sunday. Ironically there is only a few days difference in age between the three of them. I've already promised him we'll come back next summer.

Just wanted to drop in quickly to show you the sunset we enjoyed from our dinner table Tuesday night. Of course we had to go out and have seafood one night, and the restaurant we ate at was right on the ocean. Unfortunately, I'd left my camera back at the cabin, so all I had was my cell phone camera. It's an itty bitty pic, but hopefully you can get the jest of how beautiful it was. Today's been another beautiful day, so I'm going to head out with camera in hand as soon as we eat!

I managed to hit quite a few antique, thrift and junk shops this week, and I'll share a few photo's of some great finds once I get home. One in particular that I am so excited about! We're headed back home tomorrow and I will make one last stop at The Fabric Depot in Portland. I love this store...a huge warehouse of every fabric you can imagine, as well as a great selection of craft supplies. And then it's back home to sewing and filling orders. I'll check back in a couple of days to bore you with a few pics. Until long from the Oregon coast! ~~Annie


  1. Annie~
    sounds awesome! i'm glad you got a chance to relax and have some fun!

  2. see you tomorrow..glad you had a great time..would love to shop at that huge fabric store..oh heaven..:)

  3. That sunset is amazing!
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.
    I can't wait to see what you brought home..and pictures are NEVER boring!!

  4. Beautiful sunset! One of these days we are going to make it out that way. My step-daughter and her family lives in Hermiston, Oregon and she is always telling us about going to the ocean and how beautiful it is. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! Have a safe trip home! Dawn

  5. Aren't vacations the best? The sunset is just so pretty! Glad you had a wonderful time and that your son made some friends for next year!

  6. Annie,

    It's sooo beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your vacation and come back ready to craft!


  7. It's anything but boring to see pictures of the Oregon coast!!!

    Have a safe trip back! The fabric place sounds VERY interesting!

  8. Oh Annie, what a beautiful sunset! It sounds like you all are having a wonderful time. Can't wait to see the pictures that you took! I sure would love to go to a fabric warehouse like fun!! Hope you find lots of goodies there!
    hugs, Cindy


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