Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Funny Story to Share!

I have a funny story I want to share that happened when we were leaving for our trip last week.

We left last Sunday, and all day we were in and out of the house, packing the car and truck. Both Trixie and Harley managed to escape, but I figured they’d come back before time to leave.

No such thing! I called and called! No Harley, no Trixie. I looked throughout the house just to make sure. I walked the neighborhood! Still no sorry cats! Hubby and oldest son had already left with the truck. Younger son and I needed to follow soon to get there in time for dinner. What was I to do? My daughter was driving down from school on Tuesday to house/cat sit. I really didn’t want to leave them outside for that long, but I had no choice. So I sat the cat feeder/waterer out on the deck and we left. A couple of hours into my trip a “light went off” in my head….I’ll call my friend, Shelley, and have her go by the house on Monday morning. So I did that and gave her the code to my garage opener so she could get into the house and let them in.

Well, Monday morning Shelley called. 1) Battery was dead on garage door opener so there was no way she could get in the house. 2) No Trixie to be found! 3) Blinds were partly up on my French doors and she could see Harley INSIDE! Sorry little kitty had been hiding somewhere and ignored my calls for him.

Sooooooo….problem now….I had not left any food or water INSIDE because I thought the cats were both OUTSIDE! Poor Harley! All he had was a brand new UNOPENED bag of cat food and possibly a few open toilets!

Now I was worried because there was NO way to get inside and my daughter couldn’t leave school until Tuesday. I knew Harley would be okay for a couple of days, but I worried about how hungry he would be. I figured he would be smart enough to drink out of a toilet but I just couldn’t bear the thought of him being hungry. For two nights I lied in bed worrying about my Harley!

I finally got a telephone call late Tuesday from my daughter. She had just gotten home. Trixie showed up and she was fine! But how had my poor little Harley managed? Well…”poor little Harley” had knocked over the brand new, UNOPENED, huge bag of cat food and had proceeded to gnaw at the bag until he had a hole large enough to eat out of! The little stinker! Katie said the only thing Harley was starving for was ATTENTION! And to think I lost sleep over him! LOL!

Oh, Harley!


  1. LOL, sounds like Harley can fend for himself quite well:) We have a cat at the vet clinic where I work that always used to chew holes into bags of food we would get in for clients! Finally someone got smart and now we keep them in a locked closet!!! Glad everyone is fine, have a great day:)

  2. I'm so glad everything turned out OK and Trixie got home fine. As for Harley, well I have a couple that would starve to death just because they didn't get their food in their food in their own private bowls, they won't eat anywhere else and there's Wallace. Wallace will chew open a corner ( bottom corner of course) of a new bag of food when all of the bowls are full. He thinks it's so exciting to eat out of the bag not to mention seeing the food spill out so he can play and scatter it everwhere. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. Harley justs looks like a little sprite Gotta love those Kitties!!

  3. Harley probably thought he was in the wild finding food for himself. Thinking his mama didn't love him enough to leave food out!!
    They are such stinkers!! I'm glad Trixie made it home okay. It is a sad feeling not knowing if they are okay. Hope you had a restful vacation.

  4. Cats are amazing creatures. Never had a cat in my life until recently and now can't imagine being without Jack the Cat in our family. He's a "love sponge" as hubby says. Jack loves attention and will keep "talking" to you until you pay attention to him. And he'd rather drink out of the toilet or a puddle in the driveway before his fresh water in a bowl! Go figure! Thanks for sharing your cat story!

  5. Love this story! So glad to hear that both cats are just fine!!

  6. Don't ya hate it when that happens? They have a mind
    of their own and come when
    they want to! I have had
    that happen, ya call and
    call and look and look...
    they are such brats....But
    how could you be mad at him,
    just looking at that cute face would make ya forget!
    He's a smart little kitty! Glad they are both ok and you had a great vacation...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Glad both kitties are okay. It sounds like they each had their own adventure while you were on your vacation. Blessings to you this week.

  8. Good boy, Harley! The bad lady locked you in, there was the bag, what else could you do? You thought it was some self-feeding gadget the humans had left for you...


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