Wednesday, August 26, 2009

COOOOOKIE!! Jars, that is!

While my nephew was visiting a couple of weeks ago, we drove up to Edmonds, a beautiful seaside town on the Puget Sound, just north of Seattle. Whenever we're in this quaint little town, we ALWAYS have to stop at the Edmonds Bakery! Not only do they have the tastiest little pastries, they also make delicious deli sandwiches. But the REAL reason I stop in is to soak in the past! The bakery has been in operation since 1922 and it looks everyday that old. But what I love so much is to sit and look at ALL the different cookie jars. Some, I'm sure date back quite a bit...others maybe not so much. But it's fun just to look at them, displayed on all four walls! (The old photos are fun to look at, too!) Do you see any familiar cookie jars to you? Click on each photo and take a look!

Edmonds is also home to Rick Steves, the European Traveler who broadcasts his shows on PBS. He has a wonderful travel store there with tons of European books, DVD's and travel accessories. They also have many helpful people there to help plan your next trip outside the US! My oldest son is a big Rick Steves fan and wants to travel abroad. And my nephew will be heading to Italy to study for a year. So a stop at his store while we were in Edmonds was a definite must!

The photo below was taken when we took my oldest son out to dinner for his birthday in Edmonds. This is the Kingston ferry coming in to dock...just down the road from the restaurant. What a beautiful sunset we had that night.

Well...just wanted to show you this huge collection of cookie jars. It's amazing one person can collect so many. I collect Christmas cookie jars, but limit myself to ONE per subject. I'm quickly running out of subjects...which is a good thing...because I'm quickly running out of space to display these wonderful pieces during the holidays, as well as space to store them during the off season! LOL! Hope you're all having a great week! ~~Annie


  1. Wow, I've never seen so many cookie jars all in one place Anne:)
    I had the Quaker Oats one and the duck favorite is the toaster and The Three

    What a beautiful piece of heaven you have where your live.
    Have a great day!

  2. What a fabulous collection of Cookie Jars! I've never seen so many different ones!


  3. Boy oh boy! That's a lot of cookie jars!


  4. what a fun store and love all the cookie jars..:)

  5. I love your photos; thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow...that's a lot of cookie jars!! Sure was fun enlarging the photos so that I could get a really good look at all those adorable cookie jars.

  7. Annie,

    Wow! What a collection! I remember alot of them but I think the little toaster one is a favorite of mine.


  8. I sure hope you will post a picture of your cookie jars come Christmastime!

    That Edmonds Bakery sure has a lovely collection of all sorts of jars!

  9. Enjoyed seeing your vacation pictures, what a beautiful area. That is quite the collection, I even recognized one of the cat jars. One I had before someone broke it;)


  10. Hello, thanks for stopping by my little blog I love comments and people visiting I am going to have a look around your blog it looks fantastic. have a beautiful day Lisa

  11. Oh my, that's a lot of cookie jars! The pictures of your day out and your vacation pictures are just beautiful.
    I hope you share pictures of your cookie jar collection this holiday season.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  12. Annie OMG!! WOW!!! that is alot of cookie jars. Thank you for showing them to us.
    Prim Blessings


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