Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Right Answer....and Vacation Pics!

Well...it's after midnight, so it's officially "tomorrow." Yes...we had a winner, pretty much right off the bat. Or rather, right off the "cat"! This was so much fun. I apologize if I had you all seeing cats in your sleep, but when I was tinkering around on my blog yesterday, I started noticing all the cats I had on there. So I started counting...over and over again. And the idea popped in my head to see if you all could find all the cats. I must say...I didn't think you'd discover the one on the pig make do. That one was a little tricky...you had to click on the photo twice to actually see it well. Janene...discovered that one (you smart cookie) but unfortunately she didn't find a few others. Anyway...there was a total of 28 cats on my blog page! And the first person to guess the number was Melissa of Farm Field Primitives. Melissa...send me your address and I'll get your prize out to you.

So here's where they all are, and for those of you who guessed more, let me know where you saw the others and I'll send you one of my kitties, too. Who knows...I could have missed one or two, myself! LOL!

1. Banner
2. August 24th post
3. “Visit my Etsy Store” banner
4. “Countdown” picture
5-10. Etsy Mini
11. August 22nd post
12-14. Crooked tail cats
15. “Award Free Blog” picture
16. Tag on Pig Make-Do (Way to go, Janene!)
17. Primitive Cat Shelf Sitter
18-20. Cheshire Cats
21. “Make my friends fat” picture
22. Trixie
23. Harley
24. August 8th post
25-26. August 3rd post
27-28. Two Halloween cats at very bottom

Thanks ladies...this was so much fun and I loved your funny comments! I'll have to do something like this again. So when you least expect it......!

Okay...I promised you pics from our vacation last week along the Oregon Coast. So here goes....

This is the bridge over Alsea Bay. If you click on the photo, you can see the campground we stayed in. You could see the bay from our cabin...it was so pretty. The bridge took you into the little town of Waldport. As you walked over it you could see dozens of little seals swimming out in the bay.

The rugged Oregon coast. I grew up 80 miles from Nags Head, North Carolina, and practically "lived" along the Outer Banks. It is SO different out here. It's absolutely beautiful, but I sure do miss the hot sandy beaches, playing in the waves, and being able to see for miles and miles! We had several pretty days, but you never knew when the fog was going to roll in.

Heceta Head Light House. (Couldn't decide which photo I liked best, so I stuck all three on here. lol) I just LOVE light houses. Guess that goes back to my days on the Outer Banks. I've actually climbed the Cape Hatteras Light House and the Body Island Light House (back in my younger days!). I picture the light houses in Maine similar to these, sitting upon high, rocky cliffs. I hope to see those one day soon!

We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. Remember the movie Free Willy? The last time we were here (back in '97) we saw Keiko here. He's the whale that played Willy. Unfortunately, he died a few years back.

Okay...now tell me...does this sea urchin above in the middle not look like a prim little lady with her "Sunday-go-to-meeting" hat on? I just love it! Think I'll have to make an ornie in honor of her! LOL!

Sea lions sunning in the Historic Downtown area of Newport. They are SO loud and bark like dogs. Fishermen hate 'em...a huge nuisance!

Boats in the harbor at Newport. Hubby and sons went whale watching on one of the days. I stayed behind and did a little shopping. I'm not much for the open seas! LOL!

Justin sitting next to one of the many caves along the shore.

We did a lot of driving along the coastline...north and south. This is called Devil's Churn. The waves come up in here and splash way up, especially during high tide and storms. Just gorgeous!

Okay...like I said, instead of whale watching, I went shopping. Stopped at several antique stores, a few thrift stores and one junk yard that had the nicest man there. Picked up a few things, but mostly did a lot of looking. Also hit several quilt and fabric stores. THAT'S where I spent most of my money! A woman can never have enough fabric!

Anyway...this is the find I was so excited about. I guess it's an ash container. It's huge and has just the right amount of rust on it. I can see it next summer with a planter of maybe red ivy geraniums in it and some little white trailing flowers cascading down the side. Any ideas for the fall? Maybe some mums, or something. We'll see.

And the rest of my goodies. Okay...I went a little wild on the old bottles. But he gave me such a great deal -- each being less than a dollar. His store was filled with old bottles with wonderful labels and filled with their original contents (couldn't afford the price tags on any of those). With pen and pad in hand, he let me wright down some of the neat sounding ingredients in those bottles, even helping me find the "interesting" ones. So guess I'll be primming these up and making my own labels for them. Also picked up another hog scraper (love using those for my make-do's) and that nice muffin tin. And LOVED the old cow bell. It's nice and big and makes a lovely clang! Another rusty oil can to add to my collection as well as a few more of the little milk white jars.

It was a wonderful week and I'm ready to go back. I can't believe summer is almost over. Where DID the time go? Hope you enjoyed my trip to the Oregon coast! ~~Annie


  1. Great vacation pics and LOVE your goodies, specially that old ash container that sure would make a great planter;) Congrats to Janene, yes she sure is a smart gal, can't get anything over on her, lol! Have a wonderful day:)

  2. How beautiful! One of these days... I'd love to be able to see the seals and sea lions, they are so fascinating to me. Glad you had a great vacation, Dawn

  3. Love the vacation pics...thanks for sharing!!

  4. I STILL can't find all the cats! LOL...these old eyes...

    Love the coast pictures. It's a real shock to be used to Gulf beaches and try to run into the water off the coast or Oregon and Washington. BRRR!

  5. loved the photos and love all your TS stuff..glad you had a wonderful time..:)

  6. Well, I got the number right! I was just too late!hee hee That was alot of fun though! I love your vacation pictures...they just all look like postcards to me! I also love your finds, that scoop is calling for a paint brush.hee hee Chris

  7. I love to check out the lighthouses
    when I am out there! I'm from Michigan and didn't think much about them while living there... Go there some time, there are over 120, I think, around the state! I never have the time to check them out when I go back, maybe one of these days...Will have to see some in Oregon when I come to visit my sister in October...Going to go to the Harvest Fair in Sisters,
    can't wait! Have you been? Love your pictures...Glad you had fun!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. Congrats to the winner of your giveaway!

    Love your photos...my favorites are the light house ones. I just love light houses, but have only seen the ones around the great lakes. I hope someday to see some on the east and west coast.



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